Electrolux Professional C-Flex IL Flat Folder

Electrolux Professional C-Flex IL Flat Folders

Electrolux designs highly efficient flat folders by anticipating all customer needs and providing them with incompatible excellence. There are many innovations, solutions, and services involved in the creation of professional laundry equipment. It’s created by Electrolux to make the work of all laundries more profitable while reducing regular utility costs.

When configuring tailor-made solutions, Electrolux considers all unique customer requirements in terms of costs, laundry performance, speed, and time. This is what allows the well-established company to manufacture highly efficient Electrolux professional C-Flex IL flat folders.

Electrolux C-Flex IL Flat Folders

Top-quality flat folders in this range are highly versatile solutions for all laundry businesses that require the high volume of stacking and folding. Stackers can be easily positioned on both right and left hand sides with back and front delivery choices, thus providing operators with improved adaptability and performance.

  • Available in different lengths to suit all customer needs;
  • Advanced machine configuration options for the best site layout;
  • Stack, fold, and drop stacker solutions are available;
  • Mechanical bypass for any delicate flatwork;
  • 4-lane small piece collector to stack pillowslips and napkins efficiently;
  • Touch-screen controls are easy to use and offer the most intuitive navigation for easy and fast laundry operations;
  • Special lane indication by a laser beam to guarantee ergonomic manual or automated feeding on multi lanes;
  • By-pass on a full width to handle your small flatwork that doesn’t require any folding;
  • Providing operators with a perfect fit with each use;
  • Effectively stacking bed linens and other large flatwork;
  • Ability to easily accommodate all layout configurations;
  • Automated synchronization to guarantee a single point of speed adjustments for the entire Electrolux C-Flex lane;
  • The right combination of efficient multi-lane solutions to process any small or medium flatwork, such as table linens;
  • Special drop stacker placed within the main folder frame to provide users with the most compact folder available in the modern market;
  • Unique air blast is easy to adjust to guarantee the highest quality on any textile sickness;
  • Antistatic bar for high efficiency on all polyester items;
  • Double stacker to sort different sizes of your flatwork to ensure increased productivity.

Once you start using high-quality flat folders, you get access to multiple Electrolux benefits. First, machines guarantee trouble-free operations because of their tech and design specifications. They allow you to save money on regular maintenance and utility bills too. Their design is quite ergonomic and user-friendly. Flat folders are a must for any professional laundry, thanks to high efficiency and excellent folding performance.

Electrolux Professional C-Flex IL Flat Folders Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official distributor of Electrolux professional laundry solutions worldwide. Order high-quality flat folders from Maran at affordable prices ranging from €59,628 to €124,258. Prices vary according to basic specifications, including the number of cross folds, stacker technology, position, and direction. If you order Electrolux flat folders from Maran, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality, productivity, and folding results. Think about great savings and reduced labor costs provided by professional solutions.

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