Electrolux Professional Towel Folder 1.1

Electrolux Towel folder 1.1 (mod 9887900015)

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Electrolux Towel folder 1.1 (mod 9887900019)

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Electrolux Professional Towel Folders 1.1

The towel folders manufactured by Electrolux are equipped with unique extras and intelligent features to provide all commercial laundries with utmost excellence. Electrolux is a well-established company that has the most extensive service network of skills partners for everyday laundry tasks, including maintenance, spare parts, and installation.

Once you choose professional Electrolux equipment, you’re sure to get fast technical assistance and effective customer services. All customer needs are anticipated almost instantly because Electrolux strives to deliver top-notch solutions and innovations. Make your laundry operations more profitable with Electrolux professional towel folders 1.1.

Electrolux Towel Folders 1.1

To benefit from the best towel folding performance, use the one of the efficient Electrolux range because of excellent productivity.

  • High-quality towel folders feature folds of different lengths combined with a cross fold to process all towel types and sizes;
  • Control panel is easy to use and offers intuitive navigation for easy and fast laundry operations;
  • Heights are easy to adjust to create the most ergonomic working station;
  • Stop conveyor before stacking to provide operators with perfect folding results;
  • Ability to process items of different lengths and widths;
  • Stacked items are returned to operators on a special conveyor for improved productive and ergonomic results;
  • Ideal for large beach and pool towels;
  • Fixed speed for high-production results;
  • 2 or 3 exist conveyor types to deliver the automated sorting of different towel sizes;
  • Ability to fold items in different lengths combined with stacking and cross fold;
  • Perfect for all towel types;
  • Ergonomically designed to create the most efficient laundry environment;
  • Ergonomic working station with adjustable feeding table heights;
  • High functionality levels because all stacked items are returned to users;
  • Capability to process over 1000 items based on the chosen model, operator skills, and towel dimensions;
  • Effectively handling all small and medium-sizes flat items;
  • Special flap folder makes the traditional folding of terry towels and similar items highly efficient;
  • All items are manually fed on conveyor belts to be transferred directing to a folding system;
  • Automated lateral stacker for folded items;
  • Robust and long-lasting steel chassis;
  • Preselected number of conveyor belts and stacked items for back and front delivery;
  • Transmission done by a reliable asynchronous motor managed by electromagnetic and frequency control clutches;
  • Automated selection of different towel folding programs;
  • Pneumatic and electrical connections done based on the highest international standards;
  • Control system is easy to use and manages up to 20 folding programs;
  • Automated dirty and torn item rejection;
  • Flashing light and buzzer alarms in case of any jam.

Electrolux Professional Towel Folders 1.1 Price

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