Electrolux Professional WHB5500H

Hyvolution barrier washer, 500lt with Compass Pro. Electrical (mod 9892420001) and steam (mod 9892420002) heating.

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Electrolux Professional WHB5500H washers

Electrolux designs excellent barrier washers to provide customers with reliable hygiene partners and exceed their expectations. This top-notch laundry equipment guaranteed excellent hygiene and effective defense against cross infections and micro-organisms. Think about perfect ergonomics of these units because they are easy and safe to operate. Side load washer extractors have quite low operation costs, thanks to their optimized design.

Enjoy the highest control level and benefit from available consumables and accessories designed to improve your experience with this economical and efficient laundry equipment. It’s suitable even or small places where an available space is a problem. Make your clever investment and end up with great savings and washing results.

Electrolux WHB5500H washers

  • Equipped with a dual display;
  • Clarus TS control panel;
  • Automated inner drum positioning for effortless and fast loading and unloading;
  • Available in gas, steam, electrical, and dual heating with electrical and steam models;
  • The largest inner drum door;
  • Automated outer door unlocking and locking with a special pneumatic system for increased safety and easiness;
  • Built-in weighing system to improve all loading operations and increase savings;
  • Durable stainless steel panels for added sturdiness and long-term servicing;
  • Supplied with a detergent box for manual dosing and a second drain for water reusing;
  • Effective extraction management and silent operations, thanks to patented PowerBalance;
  • Compass Pro for a simple and fast choice of washing programs;
  • Third water inlet for recycled and soft water;
  • Two-compartment drum with a Pullman split to guarantee excellent ergonomics and mechanical actions;
  • Special titration valve for accurate pH measurements and decontamination.

Electrolux Professional WHB5500H washers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a good place to order economical and durable washers created by Electrolux because it’s an official distributor of this well-known brand. The company specializes in shipping innovative laundry equipment to different locations, and its prices are highly competitive to fit any customer budget.

Prices vary from 56177 to 56845.80 Euros based on different product features, such as sizes, configuration, power, etc. Each one is a great investment for any laundry.

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