Electrolux Hyvolution 500 litres G5000

Want to get excellence in washing results, incredible performance, and the highest hygienic standards? Hyvolution washers are designed by Electrolux to make it possible.

High-quality machines are manufactured to provide customers with a peace of mind by guaranteeing the most effective defense against the spread of cross infections and microorganisms. Electrolux succeeded to reach extensively into effective methods to offer the best working environment in professional laundries.

The range of Electrolux professional Hyvolution washers help operators save both money and time, thanks to ergonomic unloading and loading heights to the most convenient doors on the modern market.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Hyvolution Washers 500 Liters G5000

With a long Electrolux history of innovations and advancements, you can benefit from the best functions, thanks to ergonomically designed and efficient Hyvolution barrier washers. They are hybrids of famous compact Evolution and Pullman heavy-duty ranges.

The ergonomic design of units meets the classic Pullman one. Electrolux introduces the most efficient unloading and loading system to improve the ease of user for all customers. Top-notch washing machines are designed to last for a long time and provide outstanding functionality.

  • Unique Pullman partition guarantees the highest linen hygiene and unprecedented ergonomics;
  • Uniquely large doors ensure the ease of access to your linen;
  • Ergonomic design and ease of use;
  • Automated opening options to guarantee effortless and safe use;
  • High-quality and durable pneumatic systems;
  • Compact and slim design to increase the capacity of small laundry areas;
  • Ease of access and improved washing performance;
  • 2-compartment drum with a special Pullman split provides users with the greatest ergonomics and mechanical action;
  • Automated out door unlocking and locking pneumatic system to offer maximized safety and easiness;
  • Automated drum positions for effortless and fast unloading and loading operations;
  • Effective extraction management and silent operations through the patented Power Balance system;
  • Compass Pro control panel is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Easy and fast selection of different washing programs;
  • Barrier washers are available in steam, electrical, and dual-energy heating models;
  • Titration valve for accurate pH measurements and decontamination levels;
  • Double drain for water reuse;
  • Third water inlet for recycled and soft water;
  • Clarus TS touch-screen panel;
  • Detergent box for a manual or automated injection;
  • Stainless steel panels;
  • Durable and long-lasting construction;
  • Possibility to save favorite washing programs;
  • Ability to upload other tailored programs in addition to the standard ones;
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain;
  • Long-term warranties that prove the highest quality.

Electrolux Professional Hyvolution Washers 500 Liters G5000 Price

Hyvolution washers are officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. To get Electrolux professional washing machines, place your order. The prices set by Maran are reasonable and they range from €51,070 to €51,678 according to such tech characteristics as steam or electrical heating. All Hyvolution barrier washers are designed by Electrolux to provide users with the best quality, increased productivity, and reduced regular utility expenses. Maran offers solid guarantees and other benefits, such as regular discounts.

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