Electrolux Professional WB5180H

Suspended frame, 180l, G-factor 300, front loaded barrier washer extractor with programmable Compass Pro® microprocessor.

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Electrolux Professional WB5180H washers

Get a peace of mind and the highest level of comfort with pocket barrier washers. Electrolux designs and manufactures this product line to provide customers with incredible ergonomics, improved durability, increased productivity, and other benefits while guaranteeing low operational costs and savings in time and money.

Install these machines to create convenient and efficient working settings. Start saving money and time because of fast processing periods and low running costs guaranteed by the manufacturer. Enjoy the unprecedented ergonomics and functionality of this laundry equipment and turn it into your sound investment. It offers a high level of control over all washing and drying operations.

Electrolux WB5180H washers advantages

  • Detergent box with 4 compartments;
  • Reduced vibrations for convenient settings and installing machines in all locations;
  • ED pump dosing system to adjust a detergent aid quantity based on true load data from Automatic Savings;
  • Wide unloading and loading door for simple and fast washing operations;
  • PowerBalance for trouble-free laundry operations;
  • Minimized stress and increased lifetime;
  • Maximized extraction force for savings on drying and effective water recycling;
  • Equipped with a titration valve for bath sampling;
  • Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • CMIS to guarantee excellent linen traceability;
  • Durable galvanized and stainless steel in all major parts;
  • High rust protection levels and standards;
  • Control knob and large display for fast and simple program selection;
  • Automatically weighing the linen and adjusting energy and water based on its load to provide users with great savings in half loads;
  • Buttons and fast choice of popular washing programs and settings;
  • Same controller to make all operations easier and faster.

Electrolux Professional WB5180H price

Pick the offers of Maran Projekt GmbH because this authorized dealer has quite reasonable prices on all machines. They can suit all customer needs easily and vary from 33440 to 39818.90 Euros based on different product features, such as power, wash capacity, configuration, and others.

The company has its vast experience in distributing Electrolux machines worldwide. It guarantees fast shipping and multiple benefits to turn this laundry equipment into your clever investment.

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