Electrolux Pocket 130-180 litres G5000

Pocket washers are manufactured by Electrolux to deliver unprecedented ergonomics. The largest and lightest doors with an automated inner drum opening make machines the easiest and safest to operate.

Electrolux professional pocket washers guarantee improved productivity to any laundry. They provide an additional cycle per day compared to other washing machines available on the modern market.

Think about low operational costs ensured by the optimized drum design that helps users decrease a dead volume and save water. High-quality barrier washers automatically adjust the right detergent amount to the actual load, thus savings your money and detergent aid. All machines are equipped with the efficient dosing system.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Pocket Washers 130-180 Liters G5000

Certus Management Information System provides operators with the highest level of traceability and control during the entire washing process. Besides, the Hygiene Watchdog system guarantees that all wash programs perform to their end before allowing users to unload on a clean side. Pocket washers ensure the most effective defense against the spread of cross infections and harmful microorganisms.

  • Unique Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • Large and easy-to-use display;
  • Control knobs for a fast and easy program selection;
  • Same controller on Electrolux dryers and washers, thus making your life easier;
  • Quick option and selection buttons for the most popular washing programs;
  • Automatic savings are guaranteed to all operators;
  • Washers weigh your linen automatically to adjust the amount of energy and water based on its load, thus offering incredible savings if you don’t use a fully loaded units;
  • Maximized extraction force, which leads to the highest drying and dewatering savings;
  • Large unloading and loading doors for easy and fast operations;
  • The best power balance;
  • Minimized stress on washing machines to provide users with a prolonged service life and trouble-free operations;
  • Galvanized and stainless steel in all important elements for the highest level of corrosion protection;
  • Low vibration levels to make it possible to install high-quality washers in any location;
  • Detergent box with 4 compartments;
  • Automatically adjustment of detergents based on basic load information;
  • ED pump dosing system;
  • Titration valve for bath sampling;
  • CMIS to guarantee the best traceability of your linen based on the highest standards;
  • Programmable functions for added comfort;
  • Reliable and robust performance in any laundry installation.

Get highly efficient pocket washers to benefit from trouble-free laundry operations. Tech and design features ensure the best finishing and washing results. All machines can be easily tailored to customer needs to provide the greatest performance. Use them to end up with amazing savings on regular utility bills.

Electrolux Professional Pocket Washers 130-180 Liters G5000 Price

High-quality Pocket barrier washers can be easily ordered online. However, to get the highest value, buy efficient machines from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux professional laundry equipment. The company sets realistic prices on all top-notch washers and they range from €15,535 to €19,165. The final price is calculated based on such features as the drum volume, heating, double display, and others. No matter of your chosen washer, you’re guaranteed to get an outstanding laundry performance.

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