Electrolux Professional T5350

350l tumble dryer with Compass Pro® microprocessor

Electrolux Tumble Dryer T5350 (TD35) (mod 9873820005)


€4,578 / $5,186

excl. VAT,
excl. Shipping

- + pcs.

Electrolux Tumble Dryer T5350 (TD35) (mod 9873820025)


€5,121 / $5,802

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- + pcs.

Electrolux Tumble Dryer T5350 (TD35) (mod 9873820006)


€5,302 / $6,007

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- + pcs.

Electrolux Tumble Dryer T5350 (TD35) (mod 9873820003)


€5,641 / $6,391

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- + pcs.

Electrolux Professional T5350 tumble dryer

Looking for the best drying solution to treat delicate garments? Electrolux offers efficient and reliable tumble dryers to suit all customer needs. The leading brand uses innovative technology to create this product line for professional laundries and provide customers with a great performance and a long lifetime.

Order these units if you want to save your time, energy, and space. There are many benefits that they guarantee, including a high level of safety, zero shrinkage, tailored care, and much more. Order them to achieve the fastest drying results without overpaying and compromising a high quality. These tumble dryers are excellent in everything.

Electrolux T5350 tumble dryer

  • Single-pocket tumble dryer with a programmable Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • USB connection and EcoPower with coin versions to prevent items from over-drying;
  • Reduced energy, detergent, and water consumption to let users save regularly;
  • Simple access to all vital components from the rear and front for fast servicing and regular maintenance;
  • High efficiency and productivity rates;
  • Capability to manage two full loads per hour;
  • Easy language and program selection, thanks to one control knob and a large display;
  • Wide door opening for simple and fast loading and unloading operations;
  • Service program to adjust all drying settings;
  • Optimal hygiene and ergonomics;
  • Compliance with international regulations and industry standards;
  • Reversed door hanging for a smooth laundry flow;
  • Drying programs have optimized time, care, and economy;
  • Wide self-cleaning lint screen for simple maintenance and high comfort levels;
  • Increased durability and user safety;
  • Quick selection option and start buttons for widely used drying programs.

Electrolux Professional T5350 tumble dryer price

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They may vary based on different product features, including load capacity, extra function, etc. Whatever tumble dryer you order from it, you’ll get the best quality and multiple benefits, such as increased functionality and regular savings.

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