Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Chip Scuttle Top

Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Chip Scuttles

Professional 700XP electric chip scuttles designed by Electrolux guarantee that all cooked products are kept at a ready-to-server and constant temperature. The cooking equipment uses infrared heating elements above a holding bay. Its removable and perforated inset helps users maintain top-quality food by aerating it.

Many unique functions allow Electrolux electric chip scuttles to let food retain its texture, flavor, and crispness. They are perfect for all commercial and average kitchens. Get electric chip scuttles from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international supplier of Electrolux, and start enjoying the following outstanding features:

  • Reliability, efficiency, and ability to slide into a cooking line-up seamlessly;
  • Holding fried food in any dry or hot environment to retain its quality;
  • Ergonomic operator control knobs to minimize a liquid infiltration;
  • Stainless steel structure;
  • Smooth rounded corners for easy cleaning;
  • Perforated removable insets on a coved cornered base;
  • Overhead infrared heating elements to increase holding times.

Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Chip Scuttles Price

How much should be paid? Electrolux 700XP electric chip scuttles are offered by Maran Projekt GmbH at competitive prices. Buy the best electric chip scuttle for about €1,161 without taxes and extra shipping costs. Enjoy the highest quality, long-term service, and other benefits provided by Electrolux. Prices may vary based on different characteristics, such as a particular model, but they all are reasonable. Order 700XP electric chip scuttles to take advantage of Electrolux state-of-art technology.

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