Electrolux Professional 700XP Infrared Ranges

Electrolux is the company popular for its innovative technologies and appliances. It offers 700XP infrared ranges to let consumers increase their cooking productivity.

This high-quality and efficient equipment is suitable for any professional kitchen. It’s designed to last for a long time and provide users with a number of benefits. Let’s find out more about them below.

Electrolux 700XP infrared ranges

  • Efficient heating through ultra-high-powered elements;
  • Adjustable oven thermostat and effective water protection;
  • A sturdy stainless steel oven chamber with different levels of runners to accommodate shelves;
  • Instant heat transfer from a cooking top to pans;
  • Special warning lights to indicate the residual surface heat;
  • Compliance with international regulations and industry standards;
  • Every zone is energy regulated for better cooking results;
  • Reduced cooking times for speedy kitchen procedures;
  • Base compartments include a standard oven with a thick door for improved heat insulation placed beneath a base plate;
  • The glass-ceramic surface is smooth to be cleaned fast and easily and improve hygiene levels;
  • The effective prevention of possible dirt traps and gaps, thanks to flush fitting joints right-angled side edges;
  • Increases savings on energy and monthly utility bills;
  • Durable stainless steel exterior panels and a pressed 1-piece working top or increased reliability and a long-term use;
  • Low heat dissipation to a kitchen environment;
  • Boosted productivity and the best cooking performance;
  • Circular concentric heating sections provide uniform heating to different pan sizes;
  • A ceramic-glass cooking surface with infrared heating zones;
  • A cooking top comes sealed to prevent any possible liquid infiltration and increase safety levels.

Electrolux Professional 700XP infrared ranges

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