Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Fryer Tops

Electrolux Professional Electric Fryers

Electrolux is renowned for producing some of the finest range of home and professional appliances for over 70 years and is currently places as the second largest appliance manufacturer in the world. It is estimated that Electrolux sells over 40 million products annually to customers in almost 150 countries. It is also believed to have one of the largest service networks and has around 200 service centres in many countries around the world.

Electrolux has a wide range of products and enjoys a very strong position in the home and commercial appliances industry. Electrolux has been trusted by customers for many years for its impeccable design aspects, great features innovation, durability and affordability. Its range of products include dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, ovens, Electrolux professional electric fryers and many more.

Electrolux 700XP product range guarantees great performance, higher durability, reliability and greater energy saving capabilities. This is reflected throughout the line of products in its construction, modularity and features etc. The Electrolux commercial deep fryers are a shining example to this and it comes with a unique oil waste reduction system to ensure oil is not wasted to a great extent. These electric deep fryers are a perfect boon to quick service restaurants, bars, cafes and fast food joints as it occupies less space and provides snacks in almost half the time than the regular electric fryers.

It comes with a 700xo electric twin pan with a fryer bench mounted on top of it to provide a highly effective and reliable fryer unit. Most of the electric fryers are provided with double fryer baskets and comes with a great compact design. This electric fryer can be a great addition to any commercial kitchen as it provides great energy saving saves a lot of space, serves snacks in just minutes, longer lifetime and durability and ultimate performance.

Electrolux Professional Electric Fryers Price

It comes with a height adjustable feet made in high quality stainless steel, so that you can adjust the height of the fryer as per your requirements. The high efficiency infrared heating elements ensures that heat is evenly spread through the well and a deep drawn v-shaped well ensures it provides a lot of space to manoeuvre the basket inside the well. A tap ensures that oil is safely drained into a container under the well. It also comes with a melting function to safely heat-up solid shortening used to fry products.

All exterior panels are made using high quality stainless steel with scotch Brite finish. One piece pressed work top in 1.5 mm thick stainless steel. Right-angled side edges to allow flush-fitting junction between units. When you compare the Electrolux professional electric fryers price with other brand electric fryers, you’ll be largely surprised at the lower price of Electrolux commercial deep fryers.

Product Highlights

  • Enables almost 30% less oil wastage due to its exclusive well design and cool zone
  • Liquid infiltration is minimized to a great extent with the help of an ergonomic operator control knob
  • Comes with a capacity to hold 14 litres of oil
  • A front mounted draw-off tap ensures safe oil drainage
  • Comes with high efficiency infrared heating elements of up to 8.7kW
  • Pressed one piece worktop in 1.5mm stainless steel with smooth rounded corners makes cleaning easy
  • Thermostatic control - 105C to 185C
  • Well-designed V-shaped deep drawn well
  • Exterior panels in stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish
  • Right-angled side edges to allow flush-fitting junction between units
  • Dimensions 400w x 730d x 850h
  • Rating 3PH (Hardwired)

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