Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Fry Tops

Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Fry Tops

Electrolux is a popular brand chosen by many buyers because of its ergonomics, quality, and durability. Maran Projekt GmbH offers Professional 700XP electric fry tops manufactured by Electrolux. They are designed to deliver only the best performance while cooking. The equipment is chosen for both commercial and standard uses. Electrolux electric fry tops have the following unique characteristics worth your attention:

  • Removable splash-back;
  • 800mm wide mild steel smooth plate;
  • Guaranteed even temperature distribution;
  • Chrome-plated and smooth cooking surface;
  • Preventing the absorption of different cooking juices into a plate;
  • Exceptional level of heat retention;
  • Round-edge and sleep construction;
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Laser-cut worktop edges with a seamless line-up;
  • Thermostatic temperature control valves;
  • Installed on bridging supports and open-base installations;
  • Temperature range from 110°C to 280°C;
  • Right-angled side edges for a flush-fitting junction;
  • Removable drawer before a cooking surface to collect fat and grease;
  • Stainless steel exterior panels in Scotch Brite finish.

Electrolux Professional 700XP Electric Fry Tops Price

Prices on Professional 700XP electric fry tops range from €1,181 to €2,189 according to such basic features as the weight and electrical power. Get the one that fits your budget and cooking needs from Maran Projekt GmbH and enjoy the benefits offered by the official international Electrolux supplier. The distributor guarantees that all consumers find what they want. You’ll get the highest value for the money you pay because Electrolux 700XP electric fry tops are durable and last very long.

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