700XP Gas Ranges

Electrolux Professional Range

Electrolux Professional is a renowned manufacturer with over a sales of 40 million products annually and has customers spread around 150 countries in the world. It is also a leading supplier and manufacturer of professional and industrial range of equipments for the past 70 years. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing and service centers, Electrolux professional range of products are delivered to customers with top notch quality, higher durability and maximum performance.

Electrolux caters to the needs of many restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, fast foods, bars and cafes with the help of its modular thermal equipments. And the Electrolux 700XP series of equipments is a shining example. With the 700XP line of products at their hands, chefs in the kitchen will be the most pleased ones as these equipments provides a lot of advantages including saving lots of space, energy and resources.

The modular range of equipments are specially designed after years of research and development to meet the daily demands of chefs in restaurants, hotels and fast foods. These equipments largely help in improving the cooking performance, efficiency and productivity to a great extent. When it comes to kitchens that have requirements for higher productivity, it requires equipments that can cater to those needs and provide higher performance and energy saving features and Electrolux professional gas range of products are a great example in delivering all those features.

Electrolux Professional Range Price

These range of equipments are provided with height adjustable feet made using stainless steel to help you adjust the feet up to 50 mm according to your requirements. The flower flame burners provide higher efficiency with flame regulator and protected pilot light. To prevent any accidental extinguishing, flame failure devices are provided as a standard on all burners. The base plate in the oven is ribbed and all exterior panels are built using high quality stainless steel with scotch brite finish.

Pan supports are made using heavy duty cast iron to handle any kind of weight and the one piece pressed work top is made using 1.5mm thick stainless steel. Stainless steel oven chamber with 3 levels of runners to accommodate 2/1 GN shelves (2 steam pans). Right-angled side edges to allow flush-fitting junction between units. When you compare the Electrolux professional range price with other products, you would be surprised at how low these products are priced and still come with a lot of features. This is also the reason behind many positive Electrolux professional range reviews from thousands of customers.

Professional Gas Range Product Highlights

  • Most of the professional gas range equipments come with feet made of stainless steel to provide height adjustment capabilities of upto 50 mm
  • The six flower flame burners with 5.5 kW efficiency helps the flame in adjusting to different sizes of pans.
  • A cupboard compartment is provided to store pots, pans and sheet pans etc.
  • The large pan supports are made using heavy duty cast iron
  • Pan supports can be washed in a dishwasher
  • These gas appliances can be used with LPG or natural gas and the conversion jets are supplied with the package
  • Large sized pan support in cast iron (stainless steel as option) with long center fins to allow the use of the largest down to the smallest pans.
  • Flame regulators are provided in the burners
  • Also, the flame failure device helps in preventing any gas leakage that occurs due to accidental extinguishing of the flame
  • Also comes with a protected pilot light
  • Oven thermostat adjustable from 110 °C to 270 °C.
  • IPX 4 water protection.

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