Electrolux Professional 700XP Pasta Cookers - Lifting System

Electrolux Professional 700XP pasta cookers - lifting system

If you want to relieve your stress, minimize kitchen operations, and cook perfect meals, choose 700XP pasta cookers - lifting system. This type of equipment is designed and manufactured by Electrolux to fulfill all customer needs. It transforms regular pasta cookers into the appliance with automatic lifting easily and fast.

This unit is easily activated manually when needed. It provides a number of beneficial features and functions in any kitchen settings. Install and use this top-notch system to enjoy maximum flexibility and perfect cooking results. This type of equipment is a must for professional and modern kitchens.

Electrolux 700XP pasta cookers - lifting system

  • The automatic lifting function and programmability ensures the perfect repeatability of all cooking cycles;
  • Providing the same food quality because of the automation of all cooking processes;
  • Great savings of energy, time, and money;
  • Simple operating because the automatic basket lifting is easily activated through the special push-button function;
  • Improved ergonomics, hygiene levels, and cooking operations;
  • Possibility to use these appliances in their manual mode to simply pushing a button to raise and lower baskets;
  • Memorizing different cooking times through digital controls that can be independently assigned to the basket support;
  • Excellent results with every use;
  • Durable stainless steel basket support for extra power;
  • Increased functionality, sturdiness, and efficiency;
  • The automatic lifting of baskets and electronic programmability make this equipment a must for the kitchens that need to standardize all cooking procedures;
  • High safety levels and operator comfort;
  • Meeting the highest industry requirements and standards;
  • Units can be placed on the sides of pasta cookers or be combined with other automatic lifting units to suit square baskets.

Electrolux Professional 700XP pasta cookers - lifting system price

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To end up with savings and enjoy cooking results, order these appliances and they will be shipped globally. Prices on them vary based on the required accessories and configuration, but they all are budget-friendly.

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