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How to create a green commercial kitchen

How to create a green commercial kitchen

Slash energy bills and make a positive contribution to saving the environment with cutting-edge energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment.

Rising oil and gas prices have added to the stress of running a commercial kitchen and with companies looking to do their part to tackle climate change, making our kitchens more energy efficient brings business benefits and helps our planet.

You and your team can take some simple steps straight away to start saving on your energy bills. It starts with explaining key changes that can be made to your team and making sure they’re on board with your energy-saving plan. When it comes to replacing your commercial kitchen equipment, you can make significant savings by investing in new, energy-efficient options, ensuring they pay for themselves in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Easy energy-saving tips for commercial kitchens

There are some simple changes you can implement right away to become more energy efficient. For example, wear and tear on refrigerator and freezer doors is a common and costly problem that’s often ignored. If the doors don’t close properly, the cooling equipment has to work much harder to keep the contents cold. Replace worn-out door seals and keep them clean.

Try to ensure natural ventilation as much as possible as when the ambient temperature in your commercial kitchen rises, refrigerators and freezers have to work harder to keep your food chilled. One way is to create areas in your kitchen, one for fridges and another for cookers. Look at investing in water-saving devices and taps to reduce excess use and take steps such as ensuring that dishwashers are fully loaded before use. By replacing all lighting with LEDs, you won’t just reduce energy consumption, you’ll also reduce the ambient temperature.

Why upgrading your appliances matters

Upgrading professional kitchen equipment is a key component of any energy efficiency strategy. Following the initial outlay, you’ll enjoy long-term energy savings and can ensure you also hit your sustainability targets as a company.

Professional kitchen fridges are switched on 24 hours a day, 365 a year to preserve food and keep it fresh, taking up a huge chunk of energy consumption in the kitchen. On top of that, US and EU regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Investing in energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment can save your kitchen thousands of dollars in operational costs and play a role in tackling climate change.

Know your energy labels

The US and European Union each have their own way of helping you compare appliances to demonstrate their energy efficiency:

US Energy Star labeling

In US labeling, the more stars on the energy rating label, the more energy efficient the appliance is. There is a maximum of 10 stars, with the least efficient models having one star, and the most efficient having 10. Models with six stars or less display just six stars on the label, with half star increments. Very efficient models with seven stars or more show all 10 stars in a band above the six-star label. The rating is determined by the energy consumption and size of the product.

EU energy labeling

EU energy labels use an energy efficiency scale from A to G. With A being the most efficient and G the least. Thanks to so much innovation in the field and manufacturers in the less-energy efficient classes making big improvements, EU energy have been gradually adjusted to make the scale simpler and taking out A+, A++ and A+++.

Evolving your kitchen appliances

At Electrolux Professional, we believe in social responsibility and the need to be transparent regarding energy consumption and our equipment’s impact on the environment. All our products are designed and built for the future, with the next generations in mind and are labeled to indicate compliance with energy regulations. We’ve always sought to improve energy efficiency in kitchen appliances, even before regulations came into place. Our R290 high-efficiency HD refrigeration cabinets were already in production in 2011, before energy labels were introduced in 2016.

By November 2017, all of our Electrolux Professional products were already above G4 energy class labeling, before G4 energy class products were banned in January 2018. And Electrolux Professional was already compliant in 2019 with regulations that were implemented in January 2022.

A fresh approach to refrigeration

ecostore refrigerators, available in class A, are designed for heavy duty working conditions, guaranteeing more capacity and best in class in energy efficiency. The electricity bill can be cut by 80%* with ecostore refrigerators in class A.

While upgrading your kitchen appliances to more energy-efficient models saves you money in the long run. For example, by switching from a class G to a class B refrigerator, you can save a whopping 78%* of energy costs. And if you switch your freezer from a class G to a class C, you’ll save 70%* on average.

New refrigeration appliances also help reduce food waste while saving energy by keeping power consumption at a minimum even in the hottest of kitchens. Our devices all use airflow to ensure that temperature and humidity are evenly distributed.

Designed with the planet in mind, Electrolux Professional ecostore refrigerators use natural gasses such as cyclopentane in the insulation and hydrocarbons, such as R290, which has a very low global warming potential. Hydrocarbons have a less aggressive effect on the refrigerator’s components, meaning that they are less prone to wear and tear and therefore last longer.

Our insulation system also helps limit energy consumption with a greener and more cost-effective solution. We use 90 mm thick stainless steel and cyclopentane gas to keep consistent internal temperatures, cutting energy consumption and compressor activity.

An efficient approach to every appliance

While professional kitchen fridges may be the worst offender efficiency-wise in a kitchen, the cumulative effect of all appliances can send energy bills soaring. At Electrolux Professional, we’ve worked to ensure all commercial kitchen equipment we develop is as efficient as possible, to help businesses and the planet.

If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, consider some of these options for your commercial kitchen.


Choose between our induction cooktops or electric “Ecotop” solid tops to save energy in your kitchen. Our induction cooktops are made to measure and automatically stop energy flow when no pans are detected. This cooking system reduces energy consumption by 60%. Our electric solid tops with the special “Ecotop” coating assure 35% less energy consumption.

Electric grills

Our high-performance electric grills reduce grilling time, saving on energy, and can be kept on minimum while not in use. They then quickly reach high temperatures for grilling thanks to our quick heat technology. Choosing an Electrolux Professional electric grill saves 30% on energy consumption compared to other standard models.


Our SkyLine combi oven reduces running time and is designed with the user in mind, with ergonomic features. It relies on a Plan&Save feature that’s based on Artificial Intelligence that optimizes cooking sequences to enable 10% energy savings.

High-speed cooker

Our SpeeDelight high-speed cooker uses 60% less energy than regular cookers thanks to its innovative energy saving mode. It also includes a new feature that puts the unit on standby after a customizable amount of time, helping you to save even more energy.


Choose our ‘green&clean’ Rack Type dishwashers to use less water, detergent, electricity, and rinse aid for 34% energy savings. Our single rinse Rack Type guarantees the lowest running costs, which can save you €3,530* a year. It’s also a sustainable choice as you’ll be using 53%* less water, reducing energy consumption by 19%*, and using 53%* less detergent and rinse aid.

*based on internal tests

Final thoughts

With energy prices showing no signs of dropping and a more urgent focus on what we’re doing to help protect our planet, now is the time to make changes in your kitchen. From small everyday changes to investing in energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment, there are many ways to be greener and save business costs.

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