Electrolux Professional Double Skin S

Electrolux Professional Double Skin S

Electrolux glasswashers are designed to perform functions perfectly while offering incredible reliability, ergonomics, productivity, and other benefits. Give double skin S models a try and benefit from the following characteristics:

  • Highly efficient washing system with top and bottom rotating arms, large capacity tank, and high powered wash pump to guarantee only professional washing to all users;
  • Built-in pressure boiler created to raise incoming water to ensure the minimal temperature of 82°C for sanitizing rinsing;
  • No external boilers are required;
  • Simple operation control panel;
  • Highly efficient cycle and capacity;
  • Easy service access to all major components without moving glasswashers;
  • Equipped with rinse aid dispenser pumps;
  • Internal components, such as filters and arms, are easily extractable;
  • Equipped with single-phase electrical cables and plugs for fast and easy installation;
  • High-quality stainless steel finishing;
  • Double-skinned construction to eliminate noise and increase durability;
  • Durable double-skinned counter-balance doors with hurt-free stainless steel handles;
  • Pressed wash tanks without any welded points to guarantee water tight solutions;
  • Closed by a cover plate.

Electrolux Professional Double Skin S Price

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