Electrolux Professional Single Skin XS

Electrolux Professional Single Skin XS glasswashers

High-quality glasswashers designed by Electrolux provide users with a number of benefits, such as great time savings, ergonomic and safe operations, improved performance, high hygiene, and much more.

Use them to always get shiny and clean glasses and serve customers perfectly.

Electrolux Single Skin XS glasswashers features

  • Innovative washing system with special rotating washing arms;
  • Guaranteed professional washing, thanks to large capacity washing tank and high-powered pump;
  • Integrated pressure boiler to raise incoming water to the necessary temperature for sanitizing results;
  • Simple control panel;
  • No external boilers are needed;
  • Comes with a single-phase electric cable for fast and simple installation;
  • Solid counter-balance and double-skinned door is made in stainless steel;
  • Plastic hurt-free handles;
  • Simple servicing access to all components without moving;
  • Comes with a drain pump for fast installation;
  • Sturdy structure and durable stainless steel construction;
  • Equipped with a special rinse aid dispenser pump;
  • Detergent dispenser for simple connection to external detergent sources;
  • All inner elements are easily extractable;
  • Improved ergonomics and productivity of units.

Electrolux Professional Single Skin XS glasswashers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a good place to order Electrolux equipment because it’s an authorized distributor of this brand globally. The company ships top-notch units to almost any country and its prices are very reasonable to fit any budget needs.

They vary from €1,264.10 to €1,562.80 based on load, capacity, power, and other product specifications. Each glasswasher is a perfect investment because of guaranteed savings and effectiveness.

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