Electrolux Professional For Glasses up to 290 mm WT2

Electrolux Professional for Glasses up to 290 mm WT2

Top-quality glasswashers WT2 are produced by Electrolux for consumers with the highest demands for good economy, efficiency, and ergonomics of dishwashing operations. Efficient Electrolux units can handle the height of glasses up to 290mm. Order them because of outstanding functionality:

  • Equipped with a drain pump to simplify the installation process;
  • Easy to maintain and install;
  • Simple servicing from the front;
  • Easy to clean and use;
  • Stainless steel nozzles and rinse or wash arms;
  • All internal parts are easy to extract;
  • Easy on the environment;
  • Finished in high-quality materials to increase durability;
  • Low noise levels;
  • Control panel is easy to operate;
  • Pressed wash tank and smooth surfaces have rounded corners for easy cleaning;
  • Rinse booster pump;
  • The longer cycle is designed for washing crockery with a high soil degree;
  • Durable double-skin construction;
  • Extra programs for cold rinsing of beer glasses;
  • Integrated rinse aid dispenser for the best rinsing results;
  • Finished in high-quality materials to improve durability;
  • Closed on the reverse by a special cover plate;
  • CFC-free packaging;
  • Integrated rinse water heater to make final rinse temperature warmer;
  • Load-bearing frame.

Electrolux Professional for Glasses up to 290 mm WT2 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the best place to order WT2 glasswashers. It’s an official international distributor of Electrolux famous for reliability, fast delivery, and reasonable rate. Prices on the WT2 range vary based on specific models and basic features, such as dimensions, weight, extra functions, and others. Choose any unit you like and benefit from outstanding functionality and excellent performance.

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