Electrolux Professional W5330S

Rigid frame, drum volume 330l, 200G, with programmable microprocessor Compass Control®.

Electrolux Washer extractor W5330S (mod 9868120097)


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Electrolux Professional W5330S washers

You can easily achieve the best performance, care, and washing results, thanks to innovative Electrolux washers. The brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality equipment and technology advancements. These machines are designed for trouble-free laundry operations, thanks to their improved durability, ergonomics, and efficiency.

You can choose either intuitive or segment-specific units that can be tailored to your personal washing needs. The best part is that W5330S are manufactured to provide great energy and water savings, thus cutting your regular utility bills considerably. Electrolux washer extractors are very easy to use, install, and maintain in all applications.

Electrolux W5330S washers

  • PowerBalance to maximize the extraction force;
  • Savings in drying and effective dewatering;
  • Reduced vibrations to install washers in all possible locations;
  • Minimized stress, increased lifetime, and trouble-free operations;
  • Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • Washing program packages are optimized based on a performance, time, and economy;
  • Wide display for increased user comfort;
  • Control knob for fast and easy program and language selection;
  • Automatic Savings for reduced utility bills;
  • Machines automatically weighs the linen to adjust the required amount of energy and water based on a wash load;
  • Great savings when washers aren’t fully loaded;
  • Pall major parts are in galvanized and stainless steel for increased sturdiness;
  • Efficient rust protection and dewatering;
  • High extraction force and low energy and water consumption;
  • 4-compartment box to manually dose liquid and powder detergents;
  • Strong doors with hinges and gaskets for all heavy-duty uses;
  • Fast selection and special buttons for popular washing options and programs.

Electrolux Professional W5330S washers price

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You can order this unit for about 15422 Euros, but its final price depends on whether you need any optional accessories and extra functions. Every washer extractor in this range is designed to be durable, economical, and highly efficient. That’s why it’s your best laundry investment.

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