Electrolux Washer FL W555H and QWC - Compass Pro

Professional washers designed by Electrolux are equipped with unique Compass Pro technology to meet even the highest customer expectations. All machines are economical because they guarantee energy savings and reduced heat loss.

Top-quality washing equipment is made by Electrolux to offer the right balance of performance, time, and economy. Wash Triangle is a great function for the best results based on customer needs. Washers offer a perfect balance of low water consumptions and energy savings, while improving washing results and ensuring a shorter processing time.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Washers FL W555H and QWC - Compass Pro

All units are quire user-friendly because they’re designed to ensure simple and safe operations.

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface;
  • Large door opening for added convenience;
  • Low vibration and noise levels.

Electrolux professional washers FL W555H and QWC - Compass Pro are tailored to customer needs. Extra Spin models are reliable and fit any professional laundry installation. With the unique Compass Pro controller, any laundry gets many benefits.

Available options:
  • Heavy soil with a long wash time is suitable for heavily soiled fabrics;
  • Eco with a eco-friendly wash is great for normally soiled garments;
  • Quick wash with a short operation time is perfect for lightly soiled clothes.

Dispense detergents based on given instructions. If it’s necessary to pause programs, press a knob.

Quickwash QWC washers are manufactured by Electrolux to ensure improved productivity and functionality in any professional laundry setting.

  • Suspended and durable frame for a long-term service;
  • Programmable Compass Pro microprocessor for added benefits;
  • Automated saving system to determine the right weigh of loads and adjust water levels accordingly, thus guaranteeing energy and water savings if washers aren’t fully loaded;
  • Knob for easy starting and selecting programs;
  • Clear and large display that is easy to use for extra comfort;
  • High extraction force for effective dewatering;
  • Special detergent drawer with 4 compartments for liquid and power detergents;
  • Frame and panels are made from durable galvanized steel;
  • Strong hinges and doors;
  • Ergonomic door handle with an easy grip makes doors easy to close and open;
  • Drain pump;
  • Frequency controlled motor without any carbon or brushes;
  • Possibility to choose from different languages;
  • Quick option and selection buttons for the most commonly used washing programs;
  • Wash program packages optimized for time, economy, and performance;
  • Flexible extraction and wash speeds to guarantee a smooth action in both sequences;
  • Excellent dewatering ability because of higher G-force compared to a standard solid mount;
  • Very low energy and water consumption;
  • Outer and inner drums are made from solid stainless steel;
  • Doors with strong hinges and gaskets for all kinds of heavy-duty operations.

Electrolux Professional Washers FL W555H and QWC - Compass Pro Price

When shopping for the top-notch washers created by Electrolux, choose the most reliable distributor, such as Maran Projekt GmbH. This legitimate company sets the most competitive prices ranging from €2,124 to €2,295. Rates are based on such tech specifications as the heating water inlet, water hose kit, and others. Maran ensures that you will get the best quality and washing results in addition to other benefits. The greatest ones include 100% customer satisfaction, improved laundry productivity, and energy savings.

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