Electrolux Professional 700XP Accessories for 700XP

Electrolux Professional 700XP Accessories

The 700Xp range of Electrolux Professional accessories fit any consumer perfectly, including full-service and quick service restaurants. The brand is chosen for its outstanding functionality and ergonomics. Maran Projekt GmbH supplies a full range of top-quality accessories worldwide, including:

  • A new Electrolux stove incorporates a range of innovations that improve cooking productivity and efficiency;
  • High-power induction top offers the increased performance, greater savings, low heat emissions, and better cooking experiences;
  • Exclusive flower-flame burners guarantee high efficiency and flexibility. The flame is perfectly adjusted to fit all diameters due to a unique shape;
  • Electric Ho Top provides labor-intensive and small kitchens with increased productivity compared to electric plates;
  • Professional degreaser is a perfect cleaning solution for all cooking surfaces at a high temperature. Use it for braising pans, fry tops, and multifunctional cookers;
  • Pasta cooker baskets are designed to provide maximum ergonomics and maximum hygiene;
  • Cooking race;
  • Flower flame with thermographic;
  • Modular cooking;
  • Multifunctional cookers;
  • IcyHot;
  • Programmable pasta cookers and fryers;
  • HP electric grill.

Electrolux Professional 700XP Accessories Price

Prices on Electrolux 700XP accessories vary according to a particular type that you need. Take a look at the variety offered by Maran Projekt GmbH and choose what you need. The leading international supplier guarantees the highest value for the money you pay. Prices of 700XP accessories range from €16.66 for a simple grid to €2,347 for an advanced Electrolux pasta cooker. All items have the best quality and will serve you for a very long time.

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