Electrolux Professional thermaline Modular 80 Sink Units

Electrolux Professional Thermaline modular 80 sink units

This product range is manufactured by Electrolux to meet the requirements of the toughest professional kitchens. Top-quality sinks are made to facilitate all cleaning procedures and guarantee superior sturdiness and hygiene.

Electrolux Thermaline modular 80 sink units features:

  • Ergonomic designs and best-in-class performance;
  • Creating a pleasant working environment on any commercial kitchen;
  • Maximum energy savings and technological innovations;
  • Increased user safety, comfort, and hygiene levels;
  • Efficient water resistance;
  • Easy access to all compartments from the front;
  • Special connection system to avoid any soil or grease penetration;
  • Big stainless steel taps;
  • Fitted on close bases;
  • Flat-surface construction with almost no hidden areas to clean all surfaces easily and guarantee high hygiene levels;
  • Compliance to all international standards and industry regulations;
  • Internal frames for heavy-duty use and increased sturdiness;
  • Top-notch performance and cleaning results;
  • Durable construction and easy handling;
  • Easy installation, use, and maintenance;
  • Improved kitchen settings;
  • Long-term service life and guarantees.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline modular 80 sink units price

Maran Projekt GmbH is your best choice if you want to order the best sink units designed by Electrolux. This official international supplier sets competitive prices on this modular range that vary from €3,485.25 to €3,941.02 based on the chosen model and product specifications. Whatever sink you choose, you’re guaranteed to make a wise investment because of future savings and high efficiency. Electrolux guarantees a number of benefits, such as maximum flexibility and functionality.

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