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Electrolux Professional Washer extractor W575S (mod 9867620090)

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Electrolux Professional 9867620090 Product Features

Rigid frame, drum volume 75l, 200G, with programmable microprocessor Compass Pro®
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Electrolux Professional 9867620090 Specifications

  • PNC: 9867620090
  • Obsolete: N
  • Codification: B
  • Model: W575S
  • Voltage supply: From 380 to 415 volt
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: 3 phases with neutral
  • Brand name: Electrolux Professional
  • Languages: SE
  • Drum volume: 75 litres
  • Control system: Compass Pro
  • Heating: Mop/Farm elements 7,5kW wo. melt fuse
  • Colour front: Stainless steel
  • Colour side: Stainless steel
  • Payment system: None
  • Water inlet: Cold + Hot water
  • Detergent: Manual dosing
  • Drain valve: Electric drain valve (normally opened)
  • Steam hose kit: No
  • Supply disconnector: Yes
  • Program: 6F01 Farm Nordic
  • Management systems: None
  • Stop button: Yes
  • Extra I/O board for Compass Pro: No
  • Machine Access (built in): None
  • Machine access (external): None
  • Water hose kit for Cold+Hot water: No
  • Extraction: Super spin 200G
  • Dynamic balancing system: No
  • Sluice drum: No
  • Water hose kit for cold water: No
  • Water hose kit for cold+hot+reuse water: No
  • Noise insulating panels: No
  • Level tube test tap: No
  • Quick-connection for external pump, liquid detergent: No
  • Motor and Control System Transformer 100-120V: No
  • Motor and Control System Transformer 380, 400, 415, 440, 480: No
  • Special voltage USA: No
  • MOP/Farm drum with cleaning lid: Yes
  • Harsh conditions: No