Electrolux Professional Pizza Counters

Electrolux Professional pizza counters

Electrolux designs high-quality pizza counters to provide customers with optimal food preservation. This innovative equipment creates a perfect microclimate with excellent conditions for different types of meals that need certain humidity and temperature levels.

Electrolux pizza counters advantages

  • Defrosted water is evaporated automatically to provide users with energy savings;
  • Digital control panel to adjust and see different settings;
  • Fully automated defrosting;
  • Thermostatic temperature control;
  • Protective glass sides and panels for increased durability and safety;
  • High-density insulation materials;
  • Stainless steel side and front panels, drawers and doors to increase sturdiness;
  • Suitable for different container sizes;
  • Operating in different ambient temperatures;
  • Equipped with adjustable feet;
  • Round corners and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning;
  • High hygiene and safety standards;
  • Equipped with probe monitoring, temperature settings, service alarms, parameter customization;
  • Magnetic and drain gaskets are easy to remove for regular maintenance;
  • Low energy consumption and optimal temperature uniformity;
  • Fast temperature recovery.

Electrolux Professional pizza counters price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the best choice when looking for high-quality pizza counters manufactured by Electrolux. That’s because it’s an authorized dealer of this brand that distributes cooking appliances internationally. It sets competitive prices to match all customer finances. Prices on pizza counters vary from €5,987.23 to €8,491.41 based on such product features as the number of drawers, sizes, and others. Every unit is designed to guarantee optimal humidity, performance, and food safety.

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