Electrolux Professional ecostore HP Premium Counters

Electrolux Professional Ecostore HP premium counters

Extra efficiency and premium food safety are among the greatest benefits of using the refrigerated counters designed by Electrolux. This unique cooling equipment combines the latest technologies and industry innovations to offer extra capacity to consumers.

Electrolux Ecostore HP premium counters features

  • Internal and external parts in durable stainless steel;
  • Adjustable temperatures to fit all customer needs;
  • Meeting fish, dairy, and meat storage requirements;
  • Efficient and thick insulation;
  • Large digital display with different temperature, humidity, and other settings;
  • Manual activation of turbo frost and defrost cycles;
  • Automated defrosting and different operating temperatures;
  • Optiflow forced air circulation system for even temperature distribution and fast cooling;
  • The lowest environmental impact;
  • Combination of drawers and doors to fit all configuration needs;
  • Improved energy efficiency results;
  • Anti-tilt runners for different container sizes;
  • Integrated HACCP systems;
  • Frost Watch Control;
  • Electronic microprocessor to control an external digital temperature display;
  • The highest safety standards.

Electrolux Professional Ecostore HP premium counters price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a good option when shopping for refrigerated counters designed by Electrolux. It’s an official distributor of the high-quality appliances manufactured by this brand globally. Prices are very attractive to fit any customer budget. Rates on premium counters vary from €2,972.96 to €5,416.96 based on such product specifications as the number of drawers and sizes. Whatever refrigerated unit you choose, Electrolux guarantees its high efficiency, extra hygiene, and food safety.

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