Electrolux Professional Saladette

Electrolux Professional Saladette

The range of saladette units designed by Electrolux combined the convenience of cold storage with extra worktop space. This versatility provides users with remarkable space savings while being modular and functional solutions for any commercial kitchen. Find the best package for your business among the saladette refrigerated solutions crafted by Electrolux. For example:

  • Choosing high-quality units given easiness, flexibility, and power that you’re searching for;
  • Professional kitchen equipment offers all-round solutions to increase sustainability and productivity.

Electrolux Saladette

What are the benefits provided by the Saladette range to commercial kitchens?

  • Durable 304 AISI stainless steel construction;
  • Meeting the highest international hygiene standards;
  • Different sizes of counters to choose from;
  • Both remote and built-in compressor units;
  • A variety of drawer and door configurations to suit any sophisticated needs;
  • Convenient and reliable freezer and refrigerated versions;
  • Easy installation;
  • Ambient temperature ranges to suit fish, meat, and dairy storage requirements;
  • Mounted on special height adjustment feet that given extra clearance to clean floors easily;
  • Easy cleaning because of rounded internal corners;
  • Anti-tilt runners that accept all GN containers;
  • Forced air circulation for fast cooling and even temperature distribution;
  • Electronic microprocessor control with external temperature digital displaying;
  • Laser-cut worktops suitable for different GN trays;
  • Easy maintenance because all major compartments can be accessed from the front;
  • Compliance with all H-requirements;
  • Durable lids for non-operating periods;
  • Easy on the environment;
  • Thick insulation for great energy savings;
  • Ventilated operating mode;
  • Automatic defrost.

Electrolux Professional Saladette Price

Order professional saladette units from Maran Projekt GmbH at reasonable prices. They range from €3,376 to €8,016 according to such basic specifications as electrical power, the number of doors and drawers, weight, and type. Maran is the official international Electrolux distributor that offers other benefits to all customers, including outstanding functionality, high quality, excellent performance, and reliability.

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