Electrolux Professional Freezer Counters

Electrolux Professional Freezer Counters

Freezer and refrigerated tables manufactured by Electrolux combine comfortable worktops and volumes for cold storage. Freezer counters are designed to provide customers with significant space savings while allowing them to create convenient modular solutions meeting the requirements of any commercial kitchen.

The professional lineup includes Electrolux freezing and refrigeration tables with different combinations of drawers and swing doors. They all are equipped with refrigerated units in tropical versions, which work at a room temperature. The leading brand produces a full range of refrigerated counters that combine dual functions. This versatility provides users with extra kitchen space and functional solutions.

Electrolux Freezer Counters

All units distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH have different temperature ranges to suit any kitchen environment. They’re equipped with remote or integrated refrigeration units, worktop combinations, and extra features:

  • Suitability for using in ambient temperatures;
  • Integrated compressors;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Meeting the highest hygiene standards;
  • Mounted on solid legs;
  • Extra clearance for easy cleaning of floors;
  • Rounded internal corners for easy cleaning;
  • Adjustable temperature ranges to meet all storage requirements;
  • Digital control and temperature display;
  • Anti-tilt runners for grids and trays;
  • External and internal doors;
  • Stainless steel side and front panels;
  • Forced air circulation for even temperature distribution and fast cooling;
  • All components are accessed from the front panel;
  • Compliance with the strictest requirements of approval bodies;
  • Thick insulation for energy savings;
  • No food waste
  • Front ventilation with tower configurations.

Electrolux Professional Freezer Counters Price

The best-quality freezer counters crafted by Electrolux are officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. There are many benefits of buying kitchen equipment from the reliable supplier, including competitive prices and special offers. Prices on Electrolux freezer counters range from €2,964 to €4,252 according to such specifications as their electrical power and weight. All units deliver the best functionality and efficiency.

Electrolux Professional freezer counters

The range of high-quality freezer counters is manufactured by Electrolux to combine cold storage and convenience of worktop space. These highly efficient units meet the highest hygiene standards and they’re available in different sizes to suit all customer needs.

Electrolux freezer counters advantages

  • User-friendly digital control panel to set temperatures and other parameters or activate defrosting;
  • Easily accommodate different container sizes;
  • Adjustable temperature ranges to suit all kinds of food storage needs;
  • Reversible and self-closing doors for easy handling and convenience;
  • Special airflow design to maximize your kitchen space;
  • Forced air circulation for fast cooling and even temperature distribution;
  • High-quality and sturdy stainless steel construction;
  • Electronic protection against accidental high voltage peaks;
  • Automated defrost water evaporation;
  • Facilitated installation and easy maintenance;
  • Integrated compressors to suit all operating conditions;
  • Comes with adjustable feet;
  • Rounded corner for easy cleaning;
  • Hygienic design of removable magnetic gasket doors;
  • Anti-drip profile and ergonomic design;
  • High-density insulation.

Electrolux Professional freezer counters price

Maran Projekt GmbH guarantees multiple benefits to all consumers shopping for freezer counters. It’s an official dealer that distributes Electrolux equipment to any part of the globe at highly competitive prices. They fit any budget size and vary from €3,112.80 to €4,465.12 according to product features, such as drawers, sizes, doors, and others. All freezer units are designed to ensure food safety, ergonomics, high hygiene and humidity levels. Order them and make a sound investment.

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