Electrolux Professional ecostore Premium 670 - 1430 liters

Electrolux Professional ecostore Premium 670 - 1430 Liters

Electrolux created professional ecostore premium cabinets to please customers with high demands. The kitchen equipment is a perfect choice for consumers who value the right combination of sustainability, reliability, and innovation. It’s a true masterpiece of food preservation because of the following benefits:

  • Increased capacity and energy efficiency;
  • Saving on regular electricity bills;
  • Unique air circulation system;
  • Smart performance;
  • Frost Watch Control provide to optimize defrosting and avoid sudden temperature changes in kitchens with regular door openings;
  • Reduced food damage and bacterial proliferation;
  • Classified based on the strictest international standards for managing costs and protecting the environment;
  • Improved storage capacity;
  • Exceptional sturdiness because of the stainless steel construction;
  • The best cooling results due to temperature uniformity;
  • Condenser is developed to minimize resistance in the air passage;
  • Manual activation of turbo frost and defrost cycles;
  • Automated evaporation of defrost water;
  • Probes to constantly monitor working conditions;
  • Door micro-switch and lock.

Electrolux Professional ecostore Premium 670 - 1430 liters Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official distributor of Electrolux kitchen appliances worldwide. It sets competitive prices on Professional ecostore premium cabinets and other units. Prices range from €2,830 to €7,284 based on such specification as electric power, weight, and start-end production. No matter which Electrolux cabinet you choose, you get a premium quality, high-efficiency, and excellent performance without overpaying.

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