Electrolux Professional ecostore 670 - 1430 liters

Electrolux ecostore

The Electrolux ecostore specially designed and developed for business requirement that require huge demands in terms of storage and cooling. Ecostore is the perfect choice for any business that looks to invest in products that combine extreme innovation, great features, durability and reliability. These units are created to provide trouble free operation and are unmatched in its features and performance when compared to other high end commercial refrigerators in the market. They are also designed to adhere to all guidelines of the all-European energy efficiency standards that is laid out for refrigerated cabinets and freezers.

Air Circulation System

Electrolux professional ecostore products are equipped with frost watch controls to monitor the sudden change in temperature inside the unit, as a sudden door opening of the unit may change or alter the temperature inside the unit to some extent and these frost watch controls makes sure that the defrosting process is not affected and thus reducing bacterial proliferation and food damage and also ensures energy consumption is always at the nominal level.

Energy Efficiency

The Electrolux ksu ecostore products are exclusively designed and developed to provide maximum energy efficiency capabilities and always adhere to all international guidelines and standards prescribed for protecting the environment. When it comes to ecostore models, they are really a masterpiece in terms of providing maximum performance, maximum storage capacity and best in class energy efficient capabilities that really benefits any business to a great extent. These electrolux ecostore refrigeration units almost reduces your electricity cost by upto 65%.

Storage Capacity

The Electrolux ecostore 670 models and many other ecostore products are designed to provide maximum storage capacity of 50 liters and more when compared to other models available in the market. The internal and external structure are made using high quality AISI stainless steel construction to guarantee exceptional sturdiness.

Temperature Uniformity

The Electrolux eco store touch models come equipped with both vertical and horizontal air circulation systems that help in maintaining the optimal temperature all the time inside the unit. Air flow is also enhanced with the help of the flat front and back surfaces. The enhanced air conveyors helps in providing fast air distribution inside the unit. Even when maximum storage space is reached the unit always performs with the maximum efficiency levels.


The Electrolux Ecostore refrigeration cabinets and freezers are provided with an intelligent air circulation system called the Optiflow system that adapts the air flow inside the unit based on the load inside the unit to provide the best cooling results and also to maintain optimal temperature levels.

The Optiflow technology ensures that air circulation is passed to every corner of the unit including the stored items to maintain uniform temperature and excellent energy savings capabilities. In normal refrigeration units, powerful fans are provided to move the air inside every corner of the unit and thus consuming a lot of energy. Energy is consumed more and more when there is resistance in its path. But with armoire ecostore electrolux units, the condenser is specially designed to minimize the resistance to a great extent during the air flow inside the unit and hence consuming less energy and ensuring air flow is passed to every nook and corner of the unit.

Electrolux ecostore Price

Electrolux ecostore at good price ensures that food preservation is always at the highest level. This is achieved by developing a microclimate inside the unit with optimal conditions for all kinds of foods that is stored inside the unit.

Electrolux Professional has always put the customer in the first place and thus ensuring that every product launched from their stable always addresses every demand of the customer or enhances their demand to great levels.

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