Electrolux Professional Prostore 500 - 800 liters

Electrolux Prostore

The Electrolux Prostore range of products that are specially designed for customers looking for ultimate refrigeration solutions that are suitable to handle gastronorm containers. These electrolux prostore 400 products comes equipped with an efficient cooling system with a kind of evaporator that is hidden that provides maximum storage capacity and reduced corrosion issues to the refrigerator unit. The Electrolux Prostore 500 products are made using high quality AISI 304 stainless steel and also the internal finishes are also made in stainless steel to provide a top class product for your home and business.

Easy to Install

These Electrolux prostore 60 are pretty much simple to setup and install as they don’t require any technical skills to get it installed in your premises. These models do require only a single phase of electricity with either 220V or 240V of supply. They are specially designed to be made plug and play and you just need to plug into a power socket to get your prostore refrigerator up and running.

Ultimate Features

The Electrolux prostore 600 are pretty much simple to handle and maintain and they can even operate at temperatures above 43°C. The defrosting water is automatically evaporated by the hot gas on the top.  It comes equipped with four probes that constantly monitors the unit and controls the working conditions and temperature inside the unit. It comes with a smart electronic control panel that helps is HACCP incorporated to monitor the temperature levels and alert you with an acoustic and visual alarm if there it exceeds the critical limits. All such events are recorded in the unit along with the date and time of the occurrence.

These electrolux prostore 800 units also comes with a smart electronic defrost control with a help of a built-in probe that ensures the defrost cycle is proper. Even though a probe malfunctions, the unit automatically remembers its performance in the last 24 hours and continues to work without any hassles and hence the food and other items are always safe inside the refrigeration unit. It also comes with an intelligent temperature control system that selects the appropriate temperature based on the type of food stored inside the unit. Just a press of button can also control the temperature and humidity inside the equipment.

The Electrolux prostore 90 units comes with self closing doors and reversible left/ right doors and the protective micro switch ensures the fan is stopped when the door is opened. Light inside the unit is common all standard prostore models. Models with glass doors come with a vertical internal light to provide more illumination to see the products inside the unit.

Easy To Maintain

It is easy to clean and maintain the units as you can simply use a hose to clean it effectively. Also the main components or modules of the unit are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. The door handles are made using high quality stainless steel and ensures that no dust or dirt is gathered in the handles. The inner cell comes with rounded corners and are bottom pressed for prolonged usage and longer life.

Electrolux Prostore Price

These good price Electrolux prostore units are carefully designed to adhere to the guidelines of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory norms. They also provide very less noise level in the range of 57 dB when compared to other units in the industry. They are also completely CFC and HCFC free environment friendly units. R404a gas us used inside the refrigeration unit for added safety and also the cyclopentane gas is used in foam.

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