Electrolux Professional Roll-In Cabinets for air-o-system

Electrolux Professional Roll-In Cabinets for air-o-system

Get professional roll-in cabinets for air-o-system designed by Electrolux to use the most innovative solution for all cooking processes. High-quality equipment optimizes the kitchen workflow, reduces waste, and increased the shelf-life of food. Every element is specifically created to fit customer needs and provide increased functionality:

  • Reduced overall kitchen running costs;
  • Limited food weight loss;
  • Adjusting operating temperature levels to suit dairy and meat storage requirements;
  • Lockable doors;
  • Interior lights;
  • Ventilated cooling for improved temperature distribution;
  • Digital control panel with a special temperature display;
  • Visual and acoustic alarms automatically activated when temperature levels exceed critical limits;
  • All events are recorded;
  • Unique defrost cycle activated when the ice in evaporators is detected by dedicated probes;
  • When probes break, units rely on intelligence;
  • Appropriate humidity and temperature levels are set based on food types only by pushing a button;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Smooth rounded corners for easy cleaning;
  • Fans and evaporators are outside the cell for maximum storage capacity.

Electrolux Professional Roll-In Cabinets for air-o-system Price

How much do you need to pay for professional air-o-system roll-in cabinets designed by Electrolux? The prices set by Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international supplier of Electrolux, are quite reasonable. Prices range from €4,691 to €5,003 according to such basic specifications as electric power, size, and weight of units. All roll-in cabinets offer high efficiency, great functionality, and other benefits.

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