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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

When shopping for the best professional fridge, pay attention to the top-class refrigeration equipment manufactured by Electrolux and officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH to provide consumers with trouble-free operation.

It meets all industry requirements and energy-efficiency standards for professional refrigerated freezers and cabinets. Electrolux refrigerated units are true masterpieces of storage and cooling, and they offer increased usage capacity and the best energy efficiency in their class. Order them to decrease your energy costs up to 65%.

Electrolux provides a great choice of professional fridges:

Basic information about different equipment options

All Electrolux refrigerators are created for all professional who have high demands. They are often chosen by many consumers who value the right combination of such outstanding features as increased reliability, innovations, sustainable development, and professional fridge care.

When it comes to refrigeration industry leading solutions, Electrolux is a leading international brand because the company sells a large number of products each year, and it has customers in many countries worldwide.

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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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A complete list of Electrolux professional fridge advantages

Electrolux has a long experience in providing the best quality commercial freezers to consumers, and it has an outstanding range of refrigerators. They all are made using durable and strong stainless steel materials to guarantee such benefits as increased sustainability, reliability, longer lifetime, maximum performance, etc. They also offer a number of eco-friendly features and top-class energy saving solutions to enable users to save a lot of money in the long run.

Each Electrolux refrigeration unit is highly dependable and ensures maximum efficiency and performance. It’s a number one reason why it’s a leading appliance manufacturer. Many consumers choose Electrolux equipment because it offers a range of great benefits and features at reasonable prices. Think about unique features introduced with each new version of freezers or other units.

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official Electrolux distributor that offers a wide range of products. Every professional fridge freezer manufactured by this brand is focused on complete customer satisfaction and high quality. Long years of development and research are behind these technologically advanced and innovative refrigeration units. Besides, customer suggestions and queries are always taken into consideration during their development and design.

Reasons to choose Electrolux professional refrigerators

High-quality Electrolux refrigerators combine exclusive design concepts and advanced technology to offer top-classes fridges at reasonable prices. There are different models to choose from according to your budget, personal preferences, and business requirements. They all come with a special air filter to eliminate different odors by filtering the air that circulates inside. What are other common reasons to invest in this refrigeration equipment?

  • Allowing users to organize all drinks and foods effectively because of luxury glide baskets;
  • Providing the best use of inner space compared to other units;
  • Having a pure advantage water filter to guarantee clean and fresh drinking water;
  • Containing the advanced ice maker that guarantees double ice production and takes less time compared to other branded refrigerators.

Each Electrolux model, such as a professional fridge cleaner, has a detailed manual to provide consumers with important details about its functionality. This is what enables you to start using the refrigerator you order from Maran Projekt GmbH instantly. The company offers a new line of commercial refrigerators, such as Ecostore units. They’re specially developed and designed to be a complete storage and cooking solution. They also guarantee a trouble-free operator. If you compare them with other branded or expensive models, you’ll be surprised by a perfect balance of quality and price. Don’t overlook such benefits as energy savings, the best performance, innovative design, increased durability, and superb features.

Electrolux refrigerating units are loved by modern consumers because they offer increased usable capacity in addition to excellent energy saving capabilities. Don’t be surprised when they will help you save up to 65% of energy compared to other similar equipment solutions. Electrolux refrigerators are perfectly designed to meet all kinds of commercial requirements because they combine reliability, sustainable development, innovation, and great savings.

They’re true masterpieces in terms of maximized storage capabilities and ultimate cooking functions. Every commercial freezer manufactured by Electrolux comes with the advanced technology combined with innovative features to provide modern consumers with the best refrigerator at affordable rates.

Electrolux professional fridge price

If you compare Electrolux commercial fridge prices to other brands in this industry, it will be hard for you to find more affordable options with the same range of features. Order any refrigeration solution you need from Maran Projekt GmbH with the shipping anywhere in the world. This company is the official and reliable distributor of Electrolux equipment.

Prices of professional fridges range to fit any budget. Everything depends on specific characteristics, such as sizes, extra features, and so on. In any case, the price of this highly efficient equipment is competitive. Choose the right one according to your requirements and budget.

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