Electrolux Professional Traditional form finishers (FF)

Electrolux Professional Traditional Form Finishers

Looking for the best form finishing solution for your professional laundry? Look no further because Electrolux offers highly efficient and top-notch traditional form finishers that can solve any problem. They are available in several models, including FF1, FF2, and FF3. Increased productivity of all units is guaranteed by Electrolux.

  • Even steam distribution to moisten fabrics and remove all creases;
  • Special water spray;
  • Range of different forms for a variety of garments;
  • Hot-air blowing that presses fabrics and dries them fast;
  • Air blowing baffle is easy to adjust and suitable for a range of fabric types;
  • Front clamp holds fabrics in place securely;
  • Range of efficient clamps and sleevers to improve the quality of finishing;
  • Easily adjustable air and steam timers for consistent finishing results;
  • Air-operated cuff clamp to improve a sleeve finish with each use;
  • Built-in and self-contained steam boiler for the simplified installation of form finishers.

Electrolux Traditional Form Finishers

FF3 units are highly efficient steam air finishers suitable for all dresses, coats, and jackets. All units come with a built-in steam boiler. FF1 models are steam air finishers for all kinds of garments and they’re arranged for the external steam supply. FF2 steam air form finishers are suitable for different clothes and they come with a special blower. They high efficiency is provided by excellent product features, such as hot-air blowing and even steam distribution.

There are guaranteed benefits that all users will get, including:

  • Custom-tailored finishing solutions based on specific needs;
  • Trouble-free functioning of all units;
  • User-friendly control and operations;
  • Great savings in the long run, thanks to preventing the heat loss and cutting energy, water, and other expenses.

Electrolux Professional Traditional Form Finishers Price

Maran Projekt GmbH provides consumers with a great chance to order high-quality traditional form finishers manufactured by Electrolux. Save money and get the best units for reasonable prices that range from €6,339 to €9,923 according to such technical specifications as being equipped with a spray gun. No matter which form finisher you order, it will provide you with an outstanding performance and finishing results.

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