Electrolux Professional Finishing cabinet G4000 (FC48)

Electrolux Professional Finishing Cabinets

Professional finishing cabinets are developed by Electrolux with a customer insight and close cooperation with international hygiene experts. They are chosen by many modern consumers because of many outstanding specifications. Top-quality equipment ensures high efficiency:

  • Maximal linen hygiene control, thanks to intelligent technologies, unique features, and easy programming;
  • Ergonomic and efficiency work flow because of the best machine design;
  • Trouble-free operations and the highest productivity because of user-friendly technologies and robust construction;
  • Better service flexibility;
  • Total process and cost control;
  • Excellent experience in the professional laundry industry.

Top-notch garment finishing cabinets guarantee a 6-minute total time for a full load.

Electrolux Finishing Cabinets

The excellent functionality of Electrolux finishing equipment is guaranteed by:

  • Possibility to finish and dry all types of garments at low temperature levels;
  • Low installed power to provide users with excellent energy savings over time;
  • Productivity of 70 items per hour;
  • Special microprocessor to control all operations;
  • Closed circuit running during a part of a cycle;
  • Left or right hand side control panel that is easy to use;
  • Left or right hand side door hinges;
  • Door closing with no locking;
  • Security turning off ventilation and heat at each opening;
  • Different models that can be steam, gas, or electricity heated;
  • Programmable cooldown to add more convenience;
  • Efficient thermal insulation to save energy and cut down regular utility bills;
  • Access ramp for easy unloading and loading;
  • 2 loading mobile trolleys with special hangers;
  • Easy to clean, use, and maintain to save time;
  • Durable construction to let operators use finishing cabinets for a long time.

Electrolux Professional Finishing Cabinets Price

Maran Projekt GmbH sets reasonable rates on the finishing cabinets manufactured by Electrolux. You can buy them for varying prices, from €16,753 to €21,743, which depend on a particular model, specifications, and the type of heating (electricity or natural gas). Any finishing cabinet that you order from Maran will serve you for a very long time. Take advantage of an excellent performance and a high efficiency at competitive rates.

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