Electrolux Professional Vacuumblowingsteaming (FIT4)

Electrolux Professional Vacuum/Blowing/Steaming Ironing Tables

The range of high-quality ironing tables manufactured by Electrolux is quite wide and it includes efficient vacuum, blowing, and steaming units. They provide operators with a number of benefits and functions.

  • Heated solutions to keep working settings dry all the time;
  • Built-in vacuum fan to hold fabrics in place and dry them after pressing;
  • Excellent utility shape for all kinds of general purposes;
  • Integral boiler for the easy installation of ironing tables;
  • Steam electric iron separator is quite versatile.

Electrolux Vacuum/Blowing/Steaming Ironing Tables

There are many features and tech specifications that make the ironing tables designed by Electrolux an ultimate choice of any professional laundry.

  • Cold spotting guns to remove all spots from garments;
  • Air and steam guns to perform the same function;
  • Sleeve arms to sprees all kinds of awkward shapes;
  • Overhead gantry for the support of iron hoses;
  • Special spotting arm for efficient spotting;
  • Lights to illuminate the whole working area;
  • Iron balancer to eliminate operator fatigue;
  • Heated units to keep a working surface dry all the time;
  • Built-in vacuum fan to hold all garments in place and dry them after being pressed;
  • Utility shapes to fit all purposes;
  • Steam facility to ease the finishing of any knitwear;
  • Easy installation because of a specific construction;
  • Blowing device to ease the finishing of linings and lightweight fabrics;
  • Extra pedals for dual-side operating;
  • Extra swiveling iron rest to provide operators with added convenience;
  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • Durable and long-lasting construction;
  • Solid electrical connections;
  • Control panel is easy to use;
  • Boiler drain and water inlet;
  • Efficient operations under any working circumstances.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum/Blowing/Steaming Ironing Tables Price

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