Electrolux Professional Rotary finishing cabinet (FRC)

Electrolux Professional Rotary Finishing Cabinets

Want to get the best finishing cabinets for professional laundry operations? Electrolux offers this effective solution that comes with many benefits, such as high efficiency.

  • Hot-air blowing that presses fabrics to dry them completely;
  • Special trouser waist expander that supports and shapes garments properly;
  • Even steam distribution to moisten garments and remove unwanted creases;
  • Efficient microprocessor that stores different programs chosen by users;
  • Unique body form with extending shoulders to support and shape all garments;
  • Air-blowing baffle that suits all kinds of fabric types and is easy to adjust;
  • Wide range of clamps and sleeves to improve a finish;
  • Built-in steam boiler to simplify the installation of rotary finishing cabinets.

Electrolux Rotary Finishing Cabinets

There are several models of rotary finishing cabinets designed by Electrolux, including FRC1, FRC2, and FRC3. What are their main options?

  • Suspended all-steam iron that enables the necessary hand finishing;
  • Automated start on all door closings to simplify the process of operating units;
  • Extra trouser support and body form for all high-volume outputs;
  • External blower for post-finishing and pre-forming;
  • Special multiple hanger device that enables the conditioning of garments on a hanger;
  • Extra heating, thanks to an electrical boiler.

If you are still not convinced in buying highly efficient rotary finishing cabinets, consider the following benefits offered by Electrolux:

  • Trouble-free operations because of tech specifications and special design features;
  • Incredible user-friendliness;
  • Tailored to all customer needs;
  • Economical because of high efficiency and great energy savings;
  • Durable and solid construction.

Electrolux Professional Rotary Finishing Cabinets Price

Maran Projekt GmbH distributes the best-quality professional laundry and finishing equipment manufactured by Electrolux. Order highly efficient rotary finishing cabinets from Maran and benefit from competitive prices that range from €13,490 to €15,685 according to a particular model and its specifications, such as the all-steam iron and a multiple hanger. You can also benefit from fast delivery and complete customer protection.

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