Electrolux Professional Shirt finishers (FSF)

Electrolux FSF2 Shirt Finisher (mod 9887700642)

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Electrolux Professional Shirt Finishers

FSF shirt finishers designed by Electrolux are fully automated and highly efficient shift finishing systems. They are created to provide users with effective and fast finishing results under any circumstances.

All units are equipped with hot-air blowing, which is used to inflate shirts to their natural shape and dry fabrics fast. This unique feature is combined with mechanical tensioning and steam injection to guarantee consistent and high-quality finishing with every use.

Another great feature of high-quality short finishers is a programmable microprocessor control that regulates the entire finishing process based on a particular fabric type and moisture retention.

Electrolux Shirt Finishers

Electrolux machines are easy to use, even if you’re an unskilled operator. They ensure consistency and high output to all users. A great performance is proven by the fact that 1 operator can process about 40 shirts each hour. Find out more about high efficiency and functionality of shirt finishers:

  • Machine can process shirts of different sizes and fabrics to provide a top-quality finish;
  • Decreased necessity for touch-ups because of a heated front hem clamp;
  • Simple shirt positioning because of a special vacuum body on the front side;
  • Control board is user-friendly and can store 9 different programs;
  • Programmable display;
  • Automated ironing control microprocessor for increased productivity;
  • 1 multi-purpose pedal for improved work progress;
  • Side clamps with automated horizontal and vertical size regulation;
  • Pneumatic shoulder adjustment;
  • Holding shirts under tension during air and steam cycles;
  • Meeting the highest industry standards;
  • Pivoting sleeves clamps with a convenient height adjustment;
  • Highly efficient air-heating battery;
  • Strong ventilation units to regulate the air capacity.

Electrolux Professional Shirt Finishers Price

Want to get the best shirt finished crafted by Electrolux? Maran Projekt GmbH makes it possible by distributing high-quality professional finishing equipment worldwide. Prices on top-notch shirt finishers vary based on different features. For example, you can order them for €30,949 from Maran. Whichever unit you choose, Electrolux guarantees its outstanding performance, long-term service life, and excellent results.

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