Electrolux Professional Vacuum (FIT5)

Electrolux Professional Rectangular Vacuum FIT5 Ironing Tables

Rectangular vacuum ironing tables are designed by Electrolux to provide users with the best quality. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can easily adjust top-notch tables to increase your comfort and get the best ergonomic working position. All units come either prepared to be connected with the central steam or with a special integrated boiler.

Electrolux Rectangular Vacuum FIT5 Ironing Tables

Rectangular ironing tables are perfect for any professional laundry because of their high efficiency and incredible performance.

  • Special rectangular shape to provide users with a large working area;
  • Being heated to keep this area dry all the time;
  • Built-in vacuum fan to hold garments in place while drying fabrics after pressing;
  • 2 available sizes;
  • Simple installation of units is ensured by a free-standing or integral boiler;
  • Steam electric iron with a versatile separator;
  • Iron balancer to decrease the fatigue of operators;
  • Overhead gantry that support iron hoses safely;
  • Good selection of swiveling buck shapes for all kinds of pressing operations;
  • Lights that illuminate a working area.

Rectangular vacuum ironing tables are available in 2 models, FIT5A and FIT5B. They are quite similar, but offer more choices to customers in terms of tech specifications to suit individual needs.

FIT5A is a rectangular heated ironing table with a built-in vacuum designed by Electrolux. This unit has a fixed height and a range of basic specifications, including a rectangular shape, being heated, and a built-in vacuum fan. The main difference with FIT5B models is that this ironing table has no supplied iron.

All rectangular ironing tables guarantee many benefits, including incredible user-friendliness, ergonomics, and great savings.

Electrolux Professional Rectangular Vacuum FIT5 Ironing Tables Price

If you want to save money while using the best rectangular vacuum ironing table crafted by Electrolux, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of professional laundry and finishing equipment. You can get top-quality ironing table for reasonable prices that range from €4,835 to €6,385. The price that you pay depends on such specifications as the availability of a swinging arm, support group, and sleeve ironing shape.

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