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Electrolux Professional Vacuumblowing (FIT6)

Electrolux Professional Vacuum/Blowing Ironing Tables

Professional blowing and vacuum ironing tables designed by Electrolux Professional provide users with a good quality and high productivity. The overall finish of any jacket is always made on multi-finishers, but the last touch-up can be easily done on these incredible units.

Highly efficient ironing tables offer a number of outstanding features, including hot-air blowing, and a powerful vacuum. These characteristics help users, including even unskilled and unexperienced operators, to benefit from a high output and excellent finishing results. When it comes to professional laundry operations, using Electrolux Professional ironing tables means improved economy and higher productivity.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum/Blowing Ironing Tables

Vacuum and blowing ironing tables are worthy investments because of their quality and efficiency.

  • High-production output, thanks to outstanding blowing and vacuum features;
  • The best quality and solid construction;
  • Allowing for all-round finishing due to a special utility buck shape;
  • Increased operator control because of adjustable table heights;
  • Possibility to choose from a variety of options to get the best configuration for personal finishing needs;
  • Built-in steam boiler for easy and fast unit installation;
  • Steam electric iron is highly versatile;
  • Steam and air gun for effective spotting;
  • Spotting arms simplify the process of removing all spots;
  • Special lights to illuminate a working area;
  • Extra swiveling iron test for the added convenience of users;
  • Iron balancer designed to decrease operator fatigue;
  • Overhead gantry for the additional support of iron hoses;
  • Additional pedals for dual-side operations, such as blowing and vacuuming at the same time;
  • Heated units to keep a working space dry.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum/Blowing Ironing Tables Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable and trusted company that specializes in distributing Electrolux Professional professional laundry equipment worldwide, including top-quality blowing and vacuum ironing tables. You can end up with savings because their reasonable prices set by Maran range from €8,888 to €9,953 based on such tech specifications as their overhead and support. Order whichever unit is suitable for your laundry operations and enjoy its long-term service.

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