Electrolux Professional Spotting units (FSU)

Electrolux Professional Spotting Units

To provide all customers with clean and nice garments, using a reliable and efficient spotting table is a must for any professional laundry. The high-quality spotting tables designed by Electrolux are complete units necessary for effective and easy stain removal. They have all the features and functions necessary for post and pre-spotting.

All units come with a strong stainless steel board and a special sleeve spotting arm with an easy reach. Top-notch spotting tables are equipped with 2 spotting guns, and each one has its independent fluid circuit. They also have extra tanks for different liquid spotting agents. A separate air gun allows users to accelerate the process of drying treated stains. Electrolux spotting units are available in 2 basic types: cabinets and tables, and they both guarantee the end of stains.

Electrolux Spotting Units

Electrolux offers solid spotting units for the best stain removal. They all ensure high efficiency and the best stain removal results:

  • Special spotting arm for the best reach of fine stains when dealing with hard-to-reach zones;
  • Durable stainless steel board to guarantee efficient corrosion resistance;
  • 2 spotting guns with special containers for stain-removal detergents;
  • Air gun for effective drying of all treated zones.

Spotting units are designed by Electrolux in a few different models, including FSU1, FSU2, and FSU3. They all share common features while having some unique characteristics.

  • Cold spotting guns that remove all spots are 100% safe to use;
  • Built-in suction fan to simplify their installation;
  • Special suction cabinet is designed to improve all working environments;
  • Ecological active-carbon filter to decrease solvent fumes in a setting.

All spotting units also guarantee such great benefits as custom solutions, trouble-free operations, and savings.

Electrolux Professional Spotting Units Price

Highly efficient spotting units, such as ironing tables and cabinets, produced by Electrolux are officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH. You can order them for competitive prices that range from €2,239 to €11,219 according to specifications, such as a built-in air compressor. Whatever unit you choose, you will benefit from its high functionality, top quality, excellent laundry solutions, and great energy savings.

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