Electrolux Professional Wet cleaning (FIT-WC)

Electrolux Wetcleaning Ironing Table FIT1-WC (mod 9887700558)


€8,930 / $9,089

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Electrolux Wetcleaning Ironing Table FIT2-WC (mod 9887700543)


€10,045 / $10,224

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Electrolux Professional Wet Cleaning Ironing Tables

Professional laundries require the best finishing equipment to achieve the best results and productivity. Electrolux understands these needs and manufacturers top-notch wet cleaning ironing tables with high efficiency and quality. You can easily order them from Maran and end up with savings in addition to multiple guarantees.

Electrolux Wet Cleaning Ironing Tables

Wet cleaning ironing tables for professional laundry operations are equipped with a number of excellent features to provide operators with endless benefits.

  • Blowing from ironing tables simplifies the finishing of linings and lightweight fabrics;
  • Easy adjustment of vacuum and blowing strengths;
  • Table height is easily adjusted to guarantee operator comfort;
  • Easy relocation because of being mobile;
  • Special shoulder buck to restore the shape of washed jackets and coats;
  • Sleeve arm to iron all awkward shapes;
  • Steam gun to raise the nap of specific fabrics;
  • Steam electric iron with a silicon iron rest and a Teflon shoe;
  • Built-in vacuum fan to hold garments and dry fabrics;
  • Swiveling iron rest to add convenience;
  • Extra pedals for dual-side operating;
  • Spotting arm to ease the removal of all stains;
  • Utility shape to serve all general purposes;
  • Lights to illuminate a working area;
  • Overhead gantry to support iron hoses;
  • The best wet-cleaning results;
  • Built-in steam boiler for the self-contained installation of ironing tables;
  • Good selection of models, including FIT1-WC and FIT2-WC units, to suit all individual customer needs;
  • Durable construction and long-lasting service life.

Wet cleaning ironing tables manufactured by Electrolux can improve the productivity of any professional laundry while guaranteeing excellent savings on energy and water bills.

Electrolux Professional Wet Cleaning Ironing Tables Price

Interested in giving wet cleaning ironing tables a try? Professional laundry equipment manufactured by Electrolux is internationally distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH. The company sets reasonable prices on all units, ranging from €5,827 to €6,555 based on different tech specifications. They all will serve you for a long time while providing a number of benefits, such as improved productivity, time and energy savings, etc.

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