Electrolux Professional Vacuum (FIT3)

Electrolux Professional Vacuum FIT3 Ironing Tables

With top-notch professional finishing equipment offered by Electrolux, all of your laundry operations will be smooth and perfect. Highly efficient solutions are suitable for both big-production volumes and small-scale operations, so everything depends on your needs. Vacuum ironing tables guarantee the best finishing results in addition to increasing the productivity of your laundry operations.

Electrolux Vacuum FIT3 Ironing Tables

There are some tech characteristics shared by all ironing tables in this range, including:

  • Utility shape for all general purposes;
  • Being heated to keep a working surface dry;
  • Adjustable height for added convenience;
  • Integral boiler to simplify the process of installation;
  • Steam electric iron with a versatile separator;
  • Built-in vacuum fan to hold all fabrics in place and dry them after being pressed.

The high-quality ironing tables produced by Electrolux provide all users with a number of benefits.

First, all units offer a trouble-free operation because of specific tech and design features. You’re guaranteed to get excellent finishing results each time when using ironing tables. They have a special anti-stretching device to protest garments from any deformation when finishing delicate and elastic fabrics.

Electrolux units are designed to guarantee simple and safe operations. Incredible user-friendliness is ensured by a large door opening, low noise levels, easy-to-use interface, and low vibration levels.

All ironing tables in this range are tailored to meet individual requirements. They are reliable and robust in any laundry application and help users save money on regular utility bills because of low energy and water consumption. Cut your regular expenses and enjoy trouble-free functioning with superb ironing tables.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum FIT3 Ironing Tables Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is your best choice if you want to order high-quality and efficient vacuum ironing tables manufactured by Electrolux. They are offered by Maran at quite reasonable rates, ranging from €2,243 to €4,389 according to diverse specifications of available models. No matter of your final choice, Electrolux guarantees the best professional laundry results, improved productivity, and other outstanding benefits.

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