Electrolux Professional Manually operated wet work (FPM-WC)

Electrolux Professional Manually Operated Wet Work Presses

Professional wet work presses by Electrolux are manually operated to provide users with the best operation control. Top-quality finishing equipment is steam-heated, utility-shape, and manually operated. Many modern consumers choose professional solutions because of multiple benefits offered by Electrolux:

  1. Custom-tailored according to your personal needs. Electrolux designs a variety of top-notch wet work presses in different sizes and shapes to fit all applications. Select the one that suits your type of laundry business the most.
  2. Hassle-free operation is guaranteed by unique technical specifications and design features for the best finishing results. All the wet work presses manufactured by Electrolux are easy to maintain and use.
  3. User-friendly finishing solutions are created for consistent, user-friendly, and safe operations. For instance, the integrated safety 2-button closing improves safety, while other features reduce an operator’s fatigue.
  4. The Electrolux range of manually operated presses can meet all the requirements of easy operation and high quality. Units are equipped with a special nickel-plated head that allows users to save energy and avoid a heat loss. There are different models to choose from based on your business needs.

Electrolux Manually Operated Wet Work Presses

Electrolux wet work presses are famous for outstanding functionality and performance, thanks to:

  • Easy-to-adjust pressure regulator for pressing all kinds of fabrics;
  • High-temp polished head to dry fabrics and give a unique flat finish;
  • The best finish is achieved, thanks to high pressure;
  • Bottom and buck steam for applying the necessary moisture and heavy creases;
  • Padded buck helps users avoid impressions;
  • Built-in vacuum fan.

Electrolux Professional Manually Operated Wet Work Presses Prices

Want to get the best manually operated wet work press created by Electrolux? Order it from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international distributor of this brand. Prices on this laundry equipment are quite reasonable and they range from €10,443 to €13,533 according to such basic specifications as an integrated boiler. Whatever Electrolux unit you order from Maran, you’re guaranteed to get the highest productivity and efficiency.

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