Electrolux Professional Vacuum (FIT1)

Electrolux Professional FIT1 Vacuum Ironing Tables

With the professional finishing equipment designed by Electrolux, modern consumers can choose from a range of highly efficient, fully automated, and easy to use solutions for both small-scale operations and big-production volumes. Your choice or top-quality vacuum ironing tables is based on your personal needs. Electrolux units ensure the best finishing results in addition to improving the overall productivity of all laundry operations.

Electrolux FIT1 Vacuum Ironing Tables

The range of vacuum ironing tables manufactured by Electrolux contains different shapes and sizes to fit any professional application. If you need extra operator comfort, benefit from the top-notch ironing tables that can be easily adjusted in height to guarantee the most ergonomic working position. Units come either with an integrated boilers or are prepared for the central steam connection.

Portable and folding vacuum ironing tables are the best examples of affordable and simple alternatives to standard options. They are perfect for professional laundries with low-output demands and a limited space. Units are electrically heated, so their installation is very fast and easy. All you need to complete this task is a standard electrical supply.

  • Each folding ironing table has a self-feed and durable steam iron;
  • Being equipped with a tiny boiler to provide users with up to 2 hours of ongoing ironing;
  • Allowing users to do simple touch-ups;
  • Being easily installed for fast and excellent finishing results;
  • Solid and durable construction for easy handling of all garments;
  • Easy garment positioning because of a vacuum operation;
  • Electric steam boiler and iron with a great capacity;
  • Utility shape for general purposes;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Illuminated working area.

Electrolux Professional FIT1 Vacuum Ironing Tables Price

Maran Projekt GmbH offers the best vacuum ironing tables designed by Electrolux at quite competitive rates. For example, you can order a highly efficient and top-notch unit for as low as only €797. Prices on Electrolux laundry equipment may vary, but Maran always guarantees that you will end up with great savings. There are many benefits of choosing the official distributor, including timely delivery, all guarantees, and customer protection.

Electrolux FIT1

Electrolux Fit1 WC is one of the best ironing table that comes with integrated vacuum fan that helps in keeping the garment in one place and also for drying the fabric. It comes in a utility shape and the height can adjusted according to your needs. The blowing and vacuum flow can also be adjusted based on the fabric placed on the table. The Electrolux fit1 at low price can be easily moved inside premises and comes with an integrated light to work even in dark environment as the light illuminates the whole working area.

The steam gun helps in raising the nap from the fabrics and the sleeve arm ensures that even awkward areas of the fabric to be ironed out easily. It can also be folded for easy storage. It can function even with normal water. The boiler is made using high quality AISI stainless steel and is easier to maintain. Water filling can be easily done with the help of integrated water loading funnel. It comes with a professional iron with two thermostat, one used for the working and other for safety purposes to prevent the heating element from burning.

Fit 1 Features and Benefits

  • Utility shape, for general purpose
  • Integral vacuum fan holds the garment in place and dries the fabric
  • Blowing from table eases finishing of light weight fabric and linings
  • Table height adjustment ensures operator comfort
  • Steam electric iron with Teflon shoe and silicon iron rest
  • Sleeve arm for ironing awkward shapes
  • Shoulder buck for restoring the shape of washed jackets
  • Overhead gantry to support iron hoses
  • Swivelling iron rest for operator convenience
  • Additional pedals (vac/blow) for dual side operation (for FIT1-WC at good price)
  • Vacuum and heating ironing surface
  • With the Electrolux fit1 folding can be easily done
  • Electrolux fit1 ironing table also comes with a handle for carriage

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