Electrolux Professional Air operated wet work (FPA5-WC & FPA6-WC)

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Wet Work FPA-WC Presses

Electrolux is a well-established brand that offers a complete range of finishing solutions. High-quality and fully automated air operated wet work presses are easy to use. They are suitable for both small-scale operation and big production volumes according to customer needs. Order professional finishing equipment to improve the productivity of your laundry operations. Wet work presses guarantee top-quality finishing with each use.

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Wet Work Presses

More and more consumers are choosing Electrolux presses because of the following benefits:

  • Trouble-free operation. Units are equipped with unique technical features that provide excellent results and simple operation. For example, they have a special anti-stretching device to protect items from deformation when finishing different elastic fabrics.
  • Tailor-made solutions based on customer needs. All wet work models are reliable and robust in different installation.
  • User-friendly finishing options that ensure easy and safe operation. Consider their easy-to-use interface, big door opening, low noise and vibration levels.
  • High-efficiency air operated presses provide users with top-notch results because the nickel-plated head saves energy and eliminates heat loss.

With Electrolux wet work presses, you’re guaranteed to get the best finishing results because of incredible functionality:

  • High-temperature durable stainless steel polished head is designed to dry all fabrics and provide them with a flat finish;
  • Adjustable pressure regulator to press different fabrics and give perfect finishing;
  • High pressure to achieve the best finish;
  • Air-operated units reduce an operator’s fatigue and guarantees a high-production output;
  • 2-button closing to boost safety.

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Wet Work FPA-WC Presses Price

You can get high-quality wet work presses designed by Electrolux at competitive rates. Order top-quality laundry equipment from Maran Projekt GmbH, an official distributor. Prices on air operated units range from €10,019 to €17,548 according to different types, such as utility, rectangular, or mushroom. Besides, prices vary based on the presence of a boiler, head, and release timer in basic configurations.

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