Electrolux Professional Air operated dry work (FPA-D)

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Dry Work Presses

Professional finishing equipment designed by Electrolux offers a range of highly automated, air-operated, and easy-to-use dry presses to choose from. They are available in different shapes to suit the needs of all consumers and all pressing applications. Electrolux is famous for delivering an outstanding performance and productivity, so feel free to rely on its top-quality dry work presses.

All units guarantee the even distribution of stream that moistens fabrics to remove unwanted creases. There are integrated adjustable pressure regulators for pressing diverse fabrics. Dry presses are air operated to reduce an operator’s fatigue. A special buck vacuum holds fabrics in place and dries after each pressing.

Electrolux Air Operated Dry Work Presses

What are the main features that make professional dry work equipment the number one choice?

  • Integral steam boiler;
  • Built-in vacuum fan;
  • Integral air compressor;
  • Other specifications that simplify the entire process of installation;
  • Electric steam iron;
  • All-steam iron for safe functioning;
  • Steam or air gun for easy removal of unwanted spots;
  • Safety head guard to improve using safety;
  • Spotting arm to ease the use of Electrolux dry work presses;
  • Teflon coated head plate for a prolonged service life.

Air operated dry work presses also offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Safety 2-button closing to guarantee safe use;
  • Padded buck to reduce impressions;
  • Padded head to avoid glazing fabrics;
  • Trouble-free operation and the best finishing results due to technical and design features;
  • User-friendliness because of simple and safe operation;
  • Economical units to provide users with savings, thanks to high-efficiency units, reduced heat loss, and saved energy;
  • Tailored to individual needs to offer customized finishing solutions to all customers.

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Dry Work Presses Price

Want to get the best air operated dry work press manufactured by Electrolux? Maran Projekt GmbH offers a great opportunity to order professional laundry equipment while ending up with savings. Prices on dry work presses vary from €11,915 to €15,170 according to the chosen type. No matter of the unit you order, you’re sure to get the best quality, outstanding performance, high efficiency, and many other benefits.

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