Electrolux Professional Manually operated dry work (FPM-D)

Electrolux Professional Manually Operated Dry Work Presses

Manually operated dry work presses are designed by Electrolux for professional uses. They are available as different models that all have unique benefits and excellent functionality.

  • Pressure regulator is easy to adjust to press a variety of fabrics;
  • Removed creasers, thanks to the even distribution of steam (from the head to the buck) to moisten fabrics;
  • All units are manually operated to provide users with a better pressing control;
  • Special buck vacuum holds fabrics in place to dry them perfectly;
  • No glazing of fabrics because of a special padded head;
  • Padded buck is designed to reduce impressions;
  • Different features to simplify the entire installation process, including built-in boilers and vacuum fans;
  • Electric steam iron;
  • All-steam iron to increase the safety of all operations;
  • Teflon-coated head plate with a durable head cover;
  • Spotting arm and a steam gun to remove all spots.

Electrolux Manually Operated Dry Work Presses

Professional dry work pressing equipment comes in different models that have both similar and different specifications. For example, FPM1-D units are dry work, utility shape, and manually operated presses with incredible functionality:

  • Improved pressing control because of manual operations;
  • Even steam distribution to remove all creases from fabrics;
  • Padded head to avoid fabric glazing;
  • Ability to press different fabric types, thanks to an adjustable pressure regulator;
  • No impressions, thanks to a padded buck;
  • Buck vacuum to hold all fabrics in place while drying them.

Other models include FPM2-D units, which are leg or utility shape, manually operated, dry work presses, and FPM3-D options that are manually operated, single-leg shape, dry work presses.  FPM4-D machines are manually operated, trouser-top shape, dry work presses.

Electrolux Professional Manually Operated Dry Work Presses Price

Interested in giving manually operated dry work presses a try? Order them from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official supplier of Electrolux professional laundry equipment. Prices on high-quality dry presses range from €8,023 to €10,830 according to such specifications as whether units have an integrated boiler or suction fan. They all will serve users for a long time while providing the best results and efficiency.

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