Electrolux Professional Air operated wet work (FPA-WC)

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Wet Work Presses

Want to get impressive finishing results? Electrolux makes it possible with highly-efficient air operated wet work presses that deliver many outstanding benefits. That’s why they’re worth your close attention.

First, units are easily operated because of special design and other characteristics. The best finishing results are provided by a unique anti-stretching device that protects legs and waistband from any deformation when handling elastic fabrics.

High-quality wet work presses are designed to guarantee safe and efficient operations. They are equipped with a big door opening and a user-friendly interface. Low vibration and noise levels are appreciated features of all users.

Professional finishing equipment is tailored to individual needs and any installation type. Use it to get top-quality finished shirts. Electrolux air operated presses have a nickel-plated head that helps users save energy and cut monthly expenses.

Electrolux Air Operated Wet Work Presses

The top-notch wet work presses designed by Electrolux ensure high productivity and outstanding finishing results. They come equipped with:

  • Pro-steam heating system for a head or built-in boilers;
  • High-temperature nickel-plated and polished head to dry fabrics and provide them with a flat finish;
  • Air-operated functioning to reduce fatigue and guarantee high-production outputs to all users;
  • Adjustable pressure regulator to press all fabrics and get the best finish;
  • Top-quality buck padding and cover to eliminate impressions;
  • 2-button closing to improve safety;
  • Easy to use and install because no pedal or vacuum is required;
  • Many options as per PDS;
  • Bottom and buck steam to handle heavy creases and apply moisture;
  • Adjustable release timer to simplify all operations and guarantee consistent results after each use.

Electrolux Professional Air Operated Wet Work Presses Price

Order air operated wet work presses designed by Electrolux only from a reputable supplier. Maran Projekt GmbH specializes in selling professional laundry equipment at competitive rates. Prices on wet work presses range from €11,060 to €17,010 according to such specifications as a boiler, compressor, or iron. Any Electrolux unit you order will provide you with excellent results, long-term service, and high efficiency.

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