Electrolux Professional Accessories for 900XP

Electrolux Professional 900XP Accessories

Electrolux designs and manufactures a variety of professional 900XP accessories. They all are supplied by Maran Projekt GmbH at competitive rates. Automated pasta cookers are very versatile. They boil not only pasta, but also vegetables, rice, meat, and more. What are other Electrolux accessories you can buy?

  • High-performance electric grilling systems with excellent heat uniformity;
  • Fry tops with the best quality of cooking and superb productivity;
  • Gas convection ovens with maximized kitchen operations and increased functionality;
  • Flower-flame burners to adapt to any pot diameter;
  • Pasta cooker baskets designed to provide maximum ergonomics and hygiene;
  • Professional degreasers to clean hot surfaces at high temperature (for braising pans, fry tops, and multifunctional cookers);
  • IcyHot systems;
  • Standard and programmable pasta cookers;
  • Programmable fryers.

Electrolux is a brand famous for its excellence with the environment in mind. All professional 900XP accessories are designed for low consumption of energy, water, harmful emissions, and detergents. Units are created with the environmental needs of consumers in mind. They all are tested by experts to ensure the best quality.

Electrolux Professional 900XP Accessories Price

Professional 900XP accessories designed by Electrolux are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. Prices are quite reasonable and range based on a particular type, from €15 for a standard support for pasta cooker baskets to €3,827 for a central support service duct. No matter of your chosen Electrolux 900XP accessories, you’ll benefit from their durability, easy use, top quality, and long-term service.

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